BREAKING: Russian President Putin Just Went ROGUE! ⚠️ Russia Triggering Interesting Bitcoin Spike ?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has triggered the resignation of his entire cabinet today, after laying out plans for Russia’s future political power balance.


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  1. Where's the problem for the airline? The airline exchanges USD for Petro and then immediately Petro for oil/fuel. It is every country's right to sell their oil or other goods only in exchange for their own currency. It is much more strange if every country only sells their oil for a fireign fiat currency like USD, based on imperialistic pressure from the USA. So this is a first step in the right direction of decentralizing fiat currencies amongst countries.

  2. Putin did not fire his cabinet…the gov resigned….Putin is following Russian constitution. Putin is reforming the gov in a move to give more power to the people and more local autonomy…giving the people a voice and power..this will mitigate the chance of Russia being run by a dictator. He is in the process of devolving rule to the people . please do not parrot MSM BS. as shown in the article you showed.

  3. This report regarding Putin is completely false, he did not fired his government and he did NOT take this action to retain power, on the contrary he gave power away.Get the facts straight or we will start to believe that you are full of cr*p just like the msm.

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