BREAKING: President Donald Trump Just Went ROGUE! ? America Attempting To Pump Economy [WATCH ALL]

There is a CLEAR DISCONNECT between President Trump and his Medical Advisor Team. Watch President Trump REVEAL his initiative to put America’s …


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  1. The Covid-19 crisis has not even really started in the U.S. yet. Talking about "opening" the country now is just beyond retarded. This is just getting started and soon other major cities will look like NYC.

  2. I think you should avoid putting your political opinion out there. I support Trump, He has done a great job. How bout you stick to just feeding people more fomo and hype. The majority of people following this account have lost loads of money due to your emotional Flip-Flop guidance.

  3. Austin, you should be supporting the president right now. Don’t try and make him look bad. That was an unnecessary video. Saying he went rogue, we thought he was going to say something cool but you just tried to make him look like he doesn’t care about people. He’s trying to do what’s best for the people and the economy. Give the guy a break

  4. I never thought i would say this but Trump is right. All this Panic isnt going to save a single person. It will lead to much more suffering & death. A biological virus cannot shut down borders, it cannot crash markets, it cannot crash economy's. All of the above is caused by people panicing & it wont save a soul. People die everyday. Panicing wont change that.

  5. WE NEED MORE TIME ? Or we need to see the REAL NUMBERS ?
    Did you know for example that each year 1,700,000 MILLIONS people die from smoking ? Covid19 = 21,000 HAHA / Or 500,000 Die from Car accident.. Did they shutdown the ROAD ? Even the season flu as we know KILL 112,000 people each years.
    SO CUT THE CRAP with this STUPID Illuminati plan to destroy the economy and slave us.. Did Everyone FORGOT GRETA THUNBERG and the Millions peoples in the Street for Climate change ! OH WHAT NOW IT'S NOT AS IMPORTANT ?
    COME ON PEOPLE… Gov got screw, didn't had any plan, people get on the street all over the GLOBE. OH Surprise IT'S CORONAVIRUS TIME…. It's just a stupid sickness that they took and make it VIRAL. KICK GRETA OUT and Re take control.

    Soon it,s gone get very ugly is the machine is not TURN BACK ON !! Surely it will be the end of all thing and the New World order and the microchips.

  6. TRUMPS RULES… Closing BUSINESS Wont NEVER SOLVE DEATH ! People Still die, from FLU, Malaria etc.. SMART TALK We only need one SMART President and we're back to track !

  7. So what …You really believe i will obey ???…. I will not but…. i will stay home taking care on my family and myself…I need no reasons…I already saw the damage…. But those checks will help….Yes….

  8. You have videos that are very bullish.. and you have videos like this one the are very fearmongering.. I mean the media likes to put fear on people.. We .. crypto community knew what's coming and is a crash and a change in the

    economy system.. either you hold or you don't.. simply as that.. people that knows about cryptocurrency should have been preparing for all this things anyway.. the common reasonable thing to do will be open the states that aren't really affected and keep the states that need the help.. Like you channel but sometimes I think it changes the direction every 2 or 3 videos

  9. China is the model the globalist want humanity to follow. Neo feudalism. Slavery.
    Galatians 5:1
    It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Try to come to a understanding of these ancient concepts it’s how we as a people became free in the first place. Look at history it repeats!

  10. That fuckin last piece with trump asking that stupid question… and the woman doesn't just say yes… man, I'm embarrassed – just say yes n move along you stupid bitch

  11. US Reports Record 3.28 Million New Claims for Unemployment Benefits; Figure Underestimates Real Total Because Many State Jobless Reporting Sites Crashed and Many Calls Were Never Answered; Self-Employed and Gig Workers Not Included
    Fauci Predicts Pandemic Will Recur in the Fall, Underlining Need for the Long View Now; Overhasty Return to Work Would Lead to Social Chaos and Economic Depression
    NYT Study Estimates Lifting Stay Home Order on Trump’s 15-Day Timetable on March 30 as Threatened Would Mean Peak Infections of 28 Million in June and Total Infections of 126 Million by October, with 1 Million Total Deaths; But Two Months of Shelter in Place Would Mean Peak Infections of 3 Million Infections in October and Total Infections 14 Million, with Total Deaths of 92,000; Mississippi Study Suggests These Figures Are Plausible; Reactionaries Eye Genocide of Elderly
    Trump’s Anti-Shutdown Clique Includes Governors De Santis of Florida and Tate Reeves of Mississippi; Antibody Testing Needed to Identify People Who Have Developed Immunity
    Breaking: US per Capita Infection Rate Still Lower Than Europe’s, Johns Hopkins Study Shows

    Donald Trump is singularly stupid, incompetent and self-dealing, but these very qualities make him incapable of effecting any fundamental change in national systems, for good or ill.

  12. He is playing the most genius game of chess that we will EVER witness, bringing down the FED and taking US back to the Gold Standard, Economic reset coming our way! Notice how the UN flag has been removed from the briefings and the presidential seal is GONE!!!

  13. Trump is right, we should open back up for business asp. All these " experts" will have us e endlessly locked up, socially distancing ourselves. Is that healthy for a society. I don't think do.

  14. It has been blown out of proportion and the news and stats are bullcrap. Yes let everyone start back to normal. If u have a week immune system, boost it and stay locked up. Don't punish everyone else. Most people get well soon after catching this and therefore are immune.

  15. I can already tell that they will force vaccines on everyone, for a price of course. And people will not know what kind of shit they will carry in their body.

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