Breaking News: Samsung Confirmed Galaxy S10 Has Bitcoin/Ethereum/Crypto Wallet As Standard Feature!

It is confirmed! Samsung has just released the specs for their new Galaxy S10 and it will offer a cryptocurrency hard wallet as a standard feature! Plus, watch a …


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  1. Ledger was a game changer. I don’t see this replacing my ledger blue. However, adoption maybe. Really depends on how it’s marketed. The one thing we will see is how garbage android is as an OS. Most intelligent people, esp those of us who do security testing already know this, but now with crypto being stored on phones? You’re going to see the exploits at an all time high.

    Soon as the fanboys install a rooted firmware or something off the store that wasn’t scrutinized properly.. and boom mass amounts of funds gone.

    Hope I’m wrong but that is the doomsday scenario I see now.

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  3. Would you trust Samsung with your private keys, over an open source product like Trezor. I wouldn't!
    But for everyday use of small amounts, sure.

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