BREAKING NEWS: PayPal Just Sent Bitcoin To $13,000! 346 MILLION Users Now Have A Crypto Wallet!

PayPal And Venmo Just Released The Crypto Bulls… PLUS: Another Publicly Traded Company Adds Bitcoin To Its Balance Sheet…. BULLISH! Let us know in …


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  1. Might be bullish short term but PayPal represents everything that's wrong with the world today, they are some of the biggest scammers on the planet and represent the tyranny of centralized power at its worst, if we want a better world then the likes of PayPal need to be consigned to dustbin of history.

  2. Hey guys, I didnt get a reply from the last vid, so I'll post it again, cheers
    GUYS! I finally went over to Hyprr and signed up after you recommended it, but I was surprised to see that you haven't made a post for 2 months…whats the deal there? Its it a dead project now? I found the same thing happened when Altcoin Buzz were plugging Uptrennd, I went over and signed up to find that they made a few posts then stopped using it.

  3. i am BTC bullish till probably 14k range. After it hits that, I will have to see. We are starting to see consistency of BTC pricing at near historic levels, Though, I would not be surprised at another test of the 20k range in the next 3-4 months, I do not expect it.

  4. 12970.00 BTC @ 6:49am EST 10/22/2020 it has been a lesson in patience which Alts will go parabolic? most of them which coins are be here stay only a few! BCH, ETH, ADA the wave approaches!! But so does the stock market crash and when it does be ready to scoop up cheap BTC!! we are in a ranging market until it proves we are not!

  5. Altcoin Daily you are so blind for the altcoin bull run while talking about Bitcoin. Can you check what is the gain which Litecoin made percentage-wise since yesterday and compare it with Bitcoin's run? What about Eth? If you want to invest and get huge gains you need to look at what's valuable and undervalued and Litecoin definitely is. You need to follow percentage gains. Paypal included Bitcoin only because of its popularity but shopping with Bitcoin is such a pain so I think we can expect huge price moves up for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash which are both faster and have lower transaction fees than Bitcoin. So my expectations are when people start widely use cryptos with Paypal the gains to be as follow – first is Litecoin, next Bitcoin Cash, third Ether and last Bitcoin. When we invest we need to look at the practical use and now since Paypal is for online payments we need to check which are the most convenient cryptos for online payments.

  6. Isn't it obvious paypal bought crypto when prices were low? Now they announced they will enable customers to buy, sell and hold on paypal. Probably will end up in a sell off lol I wouldn't keep crypto in there either.

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