China Banning Bitcoin! US Crypto Crackdown! You Are Being MANIPULATED! Watch Whole Video! Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily …


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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. Bitcoin was already hyperinflated so it was a matter of time before it crashed, not matter what the reason is, things that are too high will always fall.

  3. The problem with Bitcoin is that countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Russia who are re being sanctioned financially by the United States and the European Union are using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to bypass the economic blockades and these superpowers won’t have it; not to mention hackers prefer to get their ransom requests paid via Bitcoin and child pornographers also deal in Bitcoin. It’s just not going to work, people.

  4. Stop covering DogShitCoin.
    Hope you come to your senses about ETH. It is an obsolete protocol that will struggle to implement functionality that will be inferior to Cardano.

  5. The faster they rise, the harder they fall: just as it was in the dotcom boom and housing market. Today could be the fall of the Cult of Cryptology!!!

  6. WHAT IF.. what if China was able to use all the mining power they have access to(which is A LOT) to skim/steal some currency?
    I am not the computer guy obviously, but I definitely think the computer they possess , or Russia or US gov posses CAN break the block more than we think. These computers are so much more advanced than they will ever let public. Just an opinion and open to constructive criticism

  7. Thin is what happens when GOV and the sham NYSE are involved….
    They ruin good things!
    We are watching it now

  8. that's bull***t—- majority of bitcoin own's by greedy whale…. they can do whatever they want… if they want to put BITCOIN up or down, they can do it in just 5 mins…. even the WAR cannot put any countries economy like that in just 5 mins….

  9. Bitcoin was going to correct either way. Look at the chart!! It doesn’t matter if anyone bans it because it’s limited anyways so there will always be enough holders. Everyone is stupid. It just shows crypto isn’t a good store of value and is too volatile. Get gold, silver, anmo, food n water‼️?

  10. I knew a guy that worked for the Irs and retire there. One day he told me that the people that commit the biggest tax evasion is the people that work for the Irs.

  11. What they are saying is, they need to keep you poor so you keeping working as a slave to keep 'their' economy going to keep them in power.

  12. Absolute donkey comment section ? just sell everything now, get out and run for the hills…..its over ?

  13. Dogefather on Binance Smart Chain is a coin you guys should seriously look into! Great community and potential to surpass SafeMoon! ??????????

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