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  1. there are some exciting projects coming up in the DEFI space, FINNexus is top pick due to the fact that the FNX tokens can be converted to USDT after the sale even if the price drops by as many as 10 times…

  2. Australia news is BS. He is either pretending or is stupid. You can stash 10 million under the bed, you can't just buy houses, yachts and luxury cars with it. Lithuania has 5K EUR limit for years and nobody sees any issues except criminals, who can't prove legitimacy of their income.

  3. Negative interest rates is quite normal. You can risk 90% putting wealth to various over inflated assets or put safely to the bank with insurance that it wont get devalued more than inflation, you'll get it back even after bank crash, nobody can steel it from under the bed. You're paying for this insurance. Ant currently this fee is very low. Banks don't need your cash, they don't have anywhere to invest them. Cash is now burden for them, for which you must pay.

  4. Cash is not outlawed at all. You can stash any amount. But if you want to buy over 10k, you deposit it to the bank, prove their legitimacy and buy. It is only to prevent capital gained in criminal ways to be used in large sums

  5. Living in Oz is a privilege.

    But. Crisis times bring out the worst in the management of the economy. They clutch at straws and invisible profits..

    Go #Bitcoin

  6. Pretty easy to circumvent the $10k rule. How? Basically do the transactions in multiple parts, and the best part is the whole economy anyway runs on debt and credit. :D. In other words a car can be bought on a contract to pay $30k in cash over a period of 12 months, with each transaction being $2.5k. 😀

  7. 8:27 – "one we can do better in the future"? – Not necessarily. With status quo Bitcoin is favourable in terms of capital gain tax (no tax after 1 year of holding period). If it were a currency capital gains would be taxable with 26.375% capital gain tax in Germany if I understand it properly. So very good for now to have it as is.

  8. Supreme court's of india cancel RBI directive to bend cryptocurrency because there is no law for bit coin( virtual currency ) in india. It's not like SC is promoting bit coin.
    2) Indian parliament had to make the lows for virtual currency, they probably going to take RBI side since they are independent government body. Ther is no need for premachure celebration.

  9. The truth is the control freaks do not have a choice about adoption of crypto in that it happens with or without them. People find a way to trade as a free born people always have. Controllers are attempting to front run this in order to give the image of their approval being necessary.

  10. Negative interest rates and cash ban is the implementation of legal theft. The banks will be given the go-ahead to begin siphoning from our hard earned savings, as if they don't make enough profit.

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  12. Well crypto is the best thing that could ever happen to india.. especially when you have a good broker, there's no reason not to be making great amount of profits. I remember when I first started investing in crypto, friends thought I was crazy but not anymore. $300,000 amassed in savings so far, new home on the way!

  13. Bitcoin is dynamic but complex. One can easily have a financial breakthrough so its best to be a part of the evolution. I trade with Donald Scott and in my first month i grew up to 1btc

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