BREAKING: MasterCard May Have Just Triggered the Largest Cryptocurrency Bull Market in History

MasterCard has just accelerated its Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Card Partner Program, making it easier for consumers to hold and activate cryptocurrencies.


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  1. Very very interesting video..thank you for sharing it..who would know this about mastercard cheez :/
    Well anyhow that is why i am moving to smaller alt coins that can give me value 10x in near future…For example i would suggest to all FSN Fusion will thank me later 😉

  2. @InjectiveLabs
    has a substantial component that enables users to create and trade on derivatives markets with a price feed. Make sure you don't miss this project.

  3. Yeah, yeah, bull run again, right? There won't be any bull run for years. The price of all the crypto is controled by banks and the FED. The only time they will let crypto go is when they decide to dump the dollar. Untill then you just keep dreaming

  4. It’s hilarious they suddenly find these “solutions” as Utrust gains steam. Utrust is threatening credit card companies and PayPal and they finally decide to “get on board.”

    These companies are evil and don’t give a damn and crypto.

  5. Bro i dont give a fzck if people think BTC is dead you need to bring content for your subscribers not for the people who hates bitcoin, Im here for the news and the cool stuff yall both bring, forget about all "trying to convince" shit

  6. My thoughts on MasterCard finally realizing Bitcoin and crypto currency is an asset, i think they are bunch of bull crap. I Recently bought 12 ledgers, 6 nano S and 6 nano X. To keep my assets off of exchanges. I wont be using using MasterCard, they can kiss my ass lol.

  7. Question to CZ.. What are your plans to help increase adoption of crypto in real life? As such successful entity you should lead the way in this matter.

  8. Btc is stagnant, it's so behind the times as far as cryptocurrencies go now. Compare it to elrond, Bitcoin can process at best I don't even know 15 transactions a second? Elrond now process 264,000 transaction a second. Even MasterCard I think and even only process somewhere around 2,000 transactions a second. Take a look at ERD I would like to hear a review down the road.

  9. I have a feeling by september we will witness the great bull run. Deep down inside every one knows its getting near for the greatest wealth exchange.

  10. The wise stay financially stable by spending less and investing more and the unwise remain poor by spending more and yet not investing like the wise ones do

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