BREAKING: JP Morgan Goes ALL IN on Cryptocurrency in 2020!! | Best News on Cryptocurrency in 2020

This is it! Change is here as one of the biggest US banks goes all in on cryptocurrency! This might be the biggest news on cryptocurrency in the US and the …


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  3. Green flag? …. "Good news" and even more importantly "public news" is not a red flag, but rather a flag of a more crimson blood-like color.

  4. I have 1 question: how mutch will stellar XLM be worth when the federal reserve chooses to run their digital dollar on the Stellar platform? Can you please answer this question?

  5. That's the strategy. They are demonising it purposely so that you will sell your crypto and that they can buy cheap. And when it shoots to the moon you have nothing and they have everything. This is how they work. It's their strategy. These people are thiefs, manipulators and liars who want to confuse the mass. These are very very low people!

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  7. They are also all in on silver. Sooooo I guess they're not all in on one thing. They are the biggest holder of silver bullion. I'm just saying that they are well diversified. Probably so they can manipulate the markets again. ?? JP Morgan

  8. Just think about this: If you are the CEO of a bank and you want the price of Bitcoin to go down, you call it a scam and fraud – because you want to people to sell, so you can buy in at the lowest price possible. That's the reason most of these guys are bashing Bitcoin ;O)

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