BREAKING: Google Cloud Just Released the Cryptocurrency Bulls in October 2020 | Cryptocurrency News

BREAKING: Google Cloud just signed on to become an EOS cryptocurrency Block Producer! Plus, the FCA bans bitcoin and cryptocurrency derivatives in the UK …


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  1. I tested cross border payments through swift, very late and outdated. BUT, I've been sending money through western union and it takes seconds to get there. Don't know if they have implemented crypto but I have not noticed a difference in WU…

  2. Googles old Motto : "Don't be evil"
    Googles new Motto: "Do the right thing"

    The right thing for whom? Google? Their Customers?
    Think about it.

    Watch Netflix’s The Social Dilemma.

  3. Very interesting. Google Inc is a Co owner and governing council member and running a node for another crypto currency called Hbar from Hedera Hashgraph the DLT that is performing better than Blockcbain.

  4. Regulations are never there to protect consumers. They are barriers to entry meant to consolidate the amount of companies so they are easier to control.

  5. Lolzz UK is IN COMA .. SLOWLY DYING… THEY HAVE CHANGED CONGESTION POLICY TILL 10PM HOPING THEY CAN MAKE THE MONEY BACK, THEY MADE BUS LANES OPERATIONAL ALL DAY AND NIGHT HOPING THEY MAKE MONEY FROM FINES Etc. Now they are putting their nose in crypto to see what they can take, SCAVENGERS! They are desperate! If they really CARED about ppl falling into gambling then they should ban all gambling places and yh…Ban Cigarettes lollll. Buy Bitcoin Screw the FUKIN Zio government run by BANKS.

  6. I disagree, I believe it's imperative that social media have some significant degree of decentralization. Social media has great power over people's minds, there is a lot of evidence over this. It should be run by the participants, not by any centralized company. Furthermore, decentralized social media does not inherently suffer from a scalability problem, if the community is active in upholding it.

  7. Uhhh……"retail consumers"… financial institutions etc can. Not that I dabble in derivatives……but they're saying your(retail consumer) to dumb to dabble…

  8. Did any of you check $VELO or can you please cover it at some point?
    I'm seeing it being mentioned all over the place lately but it's still under the radar for most.

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