BREAKING: Ethereum ETF Approved! United States of America Bitcoin ETF Update! Cryptocurrency News

Timestamps: 0:00 – Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO) 0:44 – 3 Ethereum ETFs set to launch TOMORROW! 1:35 – 4th Bitcoin ETF begins trading in Canada …


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  1. Hi people ! Thx for the video!

    I have a question: I`ve heard a lot about WorkQuestcoin s. Many ppl promise a bright future 4 thesecoin s. Should I purchase it?

  2. QQ dude, I need your advice. I plan to buy some SIN, They introduce a currency for the job marketplace with smart contract operations. What is the greatest moment to buy?

  3. Like it, sir

    Could you say my thoughts about DAL? That’s a great token. Saw smb was discussing it on Twitter. They say DAOLaunch 1.0 is done?

  4. That looks cool mate

    btw, I need to say that BocaChica as an IDO service is really cool. I rarely see launchpads thatr not verbal, but really show daily %%% by participateing IDO and give guarantees not only in words. BocaChica by HAPI guysare simply best <3

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