BREAKING: Bitcoin CFTC Approval | Ethereum on iPhones | Vechain + Walmart | CNBC BULLISH

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  1. If the VeChain "Blockchain" is being used to store Walmarts traceability information, VTHO is used and burned, VTHO is the Gas for veChain Blockchain. VET is the mechanism that creates the Gas/VTHO similar to how NEO/GAS works. If Walmart was using NEO Blockchain, they would be burning GAS… So this is as massive as it gets, either Walmart needs to buy VTHO to publish their info on the VeChain Blockchain or they need to buy and hold VET to produce enough GAS/VTHO to run their operations or buy VTHO from the market which takes VET to produce. Hope this clarifies why this is extremely exciting news for VeChain. VET is being used.

  2. Get the fact right … Dont go after those fake hackers …+19728840730 really surprised me …i really dont believe at frist …but he surprised ….. Chat him up for yours .

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  4. Bcash… great so we all hope that the other side will not say Bcoin in the future. Please don't say Lcoin to my Litecoin when Lightning-Bitcoin adoption will be sucessful. LOL

  5. The people who have orchestrated the last three flash-type drops, including this last one, are billionaire-deep state types who own tons of Bitcoin. They bought lots of btc for two good reasons, the main one capitalized. 1. They might profit – why not? 2. THEY CAN JUMP IN WHENEVER THE THING THEY ARE MOST AFRAID OF IS GOING PARABOLIC, THEY MAKE HUGE SALES, MAYBE A GROUP OF THEM, TO STOP BTC IN IT'S TRACKS IN THE MINDS OF MUCH OF THE PUBLIC, INCLUDING THE NEWBIES, WHO START WITH A LOSS TEMPORARILY HOPEFULLY. THE NUMBER OF THEM IS HUGELY INCREASING, WHICH MUST BE TERRIFYING. And they make money doing it. But btc will win out, because it has tons of metaphysical energy (The enthusiasm and promise of it) behind it for one thing. I think crypto has tons of protection because of the identities of everyone whoss thoughts are behind it, sometimes secretly. These huge sales are made by enemies of crypto,

  6. I think in long-term $btc will keep going up but it will not go straight to $20k or $30k in just one swing it will do correction while going up.

  7. @Altcoin Daily – You are wrong about VET not being used with the VeChain/Walmart China deal. ALL transactions on the VeChain Thor blockchain require VTHO, and VTHO is generated by OWNING VET. Sure, you could just buy VTHO tokens but that would be a continuos cost. Businesses would purchase a block of VET, and that would generate enough VTHO to never have to purchase VTHO for gas.

    The more partnerships, the more block purchases of VET, thus reducing the availability and raising the price.

    Please learn about the project before you misrepresent it. Thanks!

  8. Holy Volatility! Hey, at least BTC is holding 10k for now. Seeing this kind of drop is a nice reminder to take some profits whenever the euphoria and hype reaches a fever pitch.

    Long term I'm still bullish but after the bear market of '18 I'm extra cautious. No doubt BTC will boom again, but not sure about alts right now. Perhaps BTC will continue to trample the alt market for awhile longer.

  9. I am waiting for btc to hit one cent again then I'm alllll in. I will buy like 6 btc baaammmmm. I wont buy a small can of tomato puree but invest in btc baaaaammmmmmm

  10. Walmart IS using the vechain token, they are using the vtho token which is created by the vet token. Don’t let others be confused on the 2 token model, it’s likely WHY Walmart chose to work with VeChain.

  11. It has now effectively filled in every futures gap that it needed to fill. Will trade sideways for a while as it finds its price levels

  12. Huge mistake in this video.
    Walmart using vechain has EVERYTHING to do with vet…

    Walmart will be burning 80M vtho per day in 2019. Current daily vtho generation is 36M

    How can you obtain vtho? Vtho is ONLY produced by holding vet. So you can buy vet to generate your own vtho OR you buy vtho from vet holders on the market.

    Please inform yourself before informing the public so badly…

  13. What is the point of Twitch having bitcoin payments when all a twitch streamer has to do is just post their bitcoin wallet address for direct sends.  If people tip/donate through some system twitch has in place they will take a cut % im sure. 
    Hell, a person could also put in their Stellar address, Ethereum addy, Neblio addy and a ton more and let the donator choose from a variety
    If you post your ethereum addy they can just send you some Dai or whatever token they like from so many eth tokens.
    i dont keep btc but i have a ton of various alts, many of which are tokens on ethereum.  so i wouldn't donate but i might if they showed me their eth addy.  or nebl addy, or ada, or xlm, nem and so on.

  14. It appears you do not know how Vechain works. To use the Vechain platform, you must use vethor as fuel. You need to hold Vechain to obtain vethor. The more Vechain you have, the more vethor you get. So, Wal-Mart China is using lots of vethor that is obtained by holding Vechain. Perhaps you can research this for yourself, and then correct your comments in a future video. All you did is cause confusion. You seem like a professional type of person who would not want to leave your audience with bad information. Please make it right.

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