BREAKING: Big Things Are Happening in Cryptocurrency in September 2020 | Cryptocurrency News

Breaking: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, still thinks Bitcoin is the strongest contender for an internet-native currency. Big things are happening in September 2020 …


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  1. Come on ….jack from twitter looks like he got lost in the defidschungel the last 12 monthts….. didnt know where to go….and no bathroom….no shaving…he looks so lost ..hes eyes are empty..and this guy wants to tell us somethjng positive???????

  2. ???According to credible news, the Chinese government intends to make a huge investment in very cheap altcoins such as spok,, to sell them after a 100-fold increase in price, and to return the money to the treasury, thus earning a huge income.

  3. Jack Dorsey censored my post of a screenshot of a CDC website. So I lost all respect for him. He is anti free speech. And politically motivated. Twitter is not a free platform for anyone to exchange ideas. He sucks.

  4. Crypto literacy will be lacking for a long time. Bitcoin can't handle the scale and it will give all other crypto tokens a bad name. The majority is afraid of altcoins and this needs to change for our own good. Bitcoin is only being trusted because of the brand, so even though it has its flaws it could seriously have crazy upside down the road. Complacency finds its way to every market at some point.

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  6. I wonder why some people keep crying everyday for losing their money to ~scammers~ when there is a legit platform like Crypto Eco-Investments – a platform that guarantees hourly profits and good returns on investment.

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