BREAKING: Bakkt Delayed till 2019! Bitcoin Breaking Key Support! [Cryptocurrency News]

Bakkt is delayed until January 24, 2019. Watch this video to find out why. Let me give you mu thoughts on the current state of the market. Like. Subscribe. Follow …


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  1. This actually calms me down, because there is a reason for this market behaviour. Now it makes sense, Insiders knew and began selling earlier. We had to take the shit. No worries, we have to wait a month more. Not a big deal 🙂 There is still hope guys!

  2. funny all these dumba** stash investment people dogging crypto in their adds on here. lol. There gonna be the first fools I flip off while I'm riding pass their ceo in a spaceship. B*tch a** n***as

  3. Ripple is slowly guiding that particular market in the direction of XRP…it was part of their game plan all along…XRP was designed specifically to be primarily used as a bridging currency between any two currencies. The ultimate aim of XRP by Ripple is to position XRP as the world's first digital global reserve currency. But right now in the crypto market, Excuse me to say Xrp is not going to skyrocket like before but will have a gradual but very effective trend more than 20K , also lot of people got into crypto because of speculation, and I won’t lie I was among those who joined the trade community because of speculative comments I saw on the internet and to be sincere I have been losing lots of money since last December day trading and also holding both shit coins and valuable assets also, but everything changed when I was scrolling my YouTube videos, I came across a channel where high recommendations and accolades where given to Mr. Stefanos Veenman …………… for his good trade guidance and strategy on how to trade, someone said he makes more than 6.5 Btc weekly with just 1 btc placed on trading daily, I was filled with disbelief but I contact him on and behold my first day trading, I was able to make more than what I have lost in crypto , over 5 Btc in seven days now, if you are still losing a lot and you want help you can simply send him request and consultations on stefanosveenman@gmail. com, and don’t forget to thank me later.

  4. We all fomoed in thinking will be a Bull run in Nov dec well looks like we got scammed again again again bakkt keeps playing games with average investors they don't want us to get rich quick .Noone knows where this market is going ill predict btc 1,000 my wild guess ??

  5. Crypto is dying and everyone is delaying decisions to take the easy way out, no decision needed in a few months when it is all in tatters. This is a classic bubble pop, simple? Great shorting opportunity down to much lower levels

  6. Fud. It's delayed by a whopping 7 weeks. So what? Your tone sounds so doom and gloom like this is really bad news. The market is gonna turn soon enough and BAKKT will come online. 2019 will be the turnaround. Stop sounding so sad and doomy all the time. I think you are talking yourself into depression it sounds like!!!

  7. fyi bitcoin gold is not "just a alt coin" its very important first equihash crypto to go fully Asic centralized resistant, So that Every day Joe can mine it with common GPU's. So as you see its diff and price go down, this is a very good indicator that Mining farms are shutting down there equipment due to cost exceeding profit. A lot of investors don't realize that some where between 40% to 50% of all crypto is held and used by crypto miners, with the difficulty dropping as fast as the USD prices for crypto many crypto farm's are having to sell off crypto even at these prices to keep there farm above water. With the shut down mining farms, less crypto is being "made" I think at some point the lack of new available crypto will break this decline in price because there will not be as much mined, it will be at that point that it will start to bounce back up, so watching the difficulty of bitcoin gold, bitcoin, and ETH is a good way to see what's going on, at some point the difficulty will stop going down, and just kind of flat line, I think when that happens you will start to see some very big up tic's on the USD price of bitcoin, ETH, and Monero, and others

  8. Bakkt delayed, why didn’t we see that coming, it has the toothless tiger SEC footprints all over it, people the SEC has no power over Bitcoin, yet they wield the big stick. Big joke.

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