BREAKING: America May Lead Bitcoin's Bull Run | President Donald Trump Will Need To React

President Donald Trump will use bitcoin to make America great again! Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter [See My Trump Tweet HERE ] …


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  1. Hey Austin Great News! I'm from the Philippines from Mindanao Cagayan de Oro City, I watch ur Videos daily! Bcoz its what the name of your channel right? "Daily" hehe.

  2. Well played, Austin! It's perfect; the tweet to Pr. Trump was just a perfect tweet! lol. No, seriously, nice job! It's polite, concise, patriotic, and you don't eagerly reveal to the entire world that you have any kind of a political affiliation whatsoever. Politicians can take you for granted or ignore you, only if you tell them in advance how much you love them or hate them. They will find out on Election day. This sounded dark. Why did it sound dark?.. Let's try with a Russian accent. Yes, perfect!

  3. Wouldn't be impressed by anything Trump thinks. He ain't no bright guy!! Worst kind of ignorance is where you don't want to learn anything and you believe you are the king!!

  4. Donald Trump still managed to declare business bankruptcies six times . Very few businesses ever achieve that . I do not know any other person . Do you ?

  5. Trump reacted like I did when I too was uneducated about Bitcoin. The progression goes like this: Skepticism first then education then rats I should have bought some years ago.

  6. Honestly, its very simple….Bitcoin/altcoins vs banks and Govts….whoever gets there first wins. The average joe hasn't a clue about money or banking and NEVER ever will. Whats makes people think Crypto will win this race? Bitcoin and Ether need to speed up their speed and cost of transactions as fast as possible.

  7. 6k is in ! Uhhuu u know I like it like that:)) u u u u u know I like it like that! Keep on dropping while I keep on stacking them sats boyiee!Get your shopping bags out ladies and gents this IS a financial advise!

  8. LOL Dude, dont be an idiot. Trump is not going to READ anything. He doesnt read moron. Send him all the emails you want. Youre wasting your time.

  9. The facts is Crypto winter has begun and we won’t see a price increase until next year March. Get ready to see prices drop drop drop smh it is what it is!

  10. Ok, what now mister "Crypto-humiliation" ? 🙂 What about those who are struggle to mine the fuccken BTC? Eh ? 6600 BTC price today. You got nothing to say now, are you ? Cuz we got scammed like 5-6 times since Jan 2018. I whould better play my money in a fuccken casino, even there i might have a better chance for some "win". Fuccken Bitcoin and their entire scumbags 🙂

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