BREAKING: A Large Amount of the Bitcoin Supply HAS JUST BEEN BOUGHT by MicroStrategy Incorporated!!

BREAKING: MicroStrategy Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company, today announced that they …


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  1. I’ve said it for months now that DENT should be a top 10 cryptocurrency already.
    However, that’s not how crypto works. It’s not rational. It’s emotional and DENT has been very anti-hype since the beginning and only focused on getting traction.
    However, crypto investors like to buy cryptos that say they will take over the world with zero traction (TRON, EOS) instead of buying cryptos that actually take over the world. Influencers are the same. They jump on the hype train, because that’s how they get more followers and don’t care about fundamentals. I’m the opposite.

  2. I told my parents that crypto currency is the future and they laughed at me. People also laughed when paper money was a new idea. People laughed at the idea of digital money and credit cards. Some people just don't see the trend of how money evolves. Crypto currency solves a lot of issues that come from government financial meddling.

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