Boom! EVERY YEAR Since 2012 Bitcoin Has Rallied in November… We Are 1 Month Away.

Obviously this excludes 2018… However, November on average the best-performing month for Bitcoin since 2012, January poorest Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. With the inflow of institutional establishments we’ve already experienced a lot of first. We can’t be sure what to expect in an already predictable but unpredictable market. I hope their through manipulating the market down to establish their position for the historical bull run. I’ll be watching for a major head fake down or up before we reach Shangri-la! Pain before Pleasure is their MO. Just. Sayin’ the Vipers are in the house and with them there’s a duality to everything.

  2. Since I'm more contrarian I'm guessing this November will be the first in history where BTC either trades sideways or goes full bear and bottoms out before the next run. Just a hunch.

  3. 2012 to 2019 was a bull market for equity stocks. Im holding BTC but Im also wary that it could drop with the stock markets at any time.

  4. I also like to be liked, who doesn't, but I never say it to people I know, only to strangers on the net, like you. Considering a stranger is a friend I haven't met yet, it is a bit contradictionary.

    On another note, the first token with fan rewards I read about was Manny Pacquiao's Pac Token, for fans of boxing I guess.

    Lastly I totally agree that we are in the best and arriving at the last real good buying opportunity, since I can't imagine another time when Bitcoin would drop below 8k ever again. Taking into accounts the masses in China and other fiat currency inflation nations, I have no doubt it will keep rising more and more and reach the moon base we will have someday.

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