Bloomberg Analyst: 100k Bitcoin Price By 2025! 99% Don't Realize This! Cryptocurrency News

‘Mother Of All Bitcoin Accumulations’ Happening RIGHT NOW! Bloomberg Analyst: 100k Bitcoin Price By 2025! 3.74% Of All Bitcoin ALREADY Verifiably GONE!


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  1. BTC fundamentalist is a gateway drug to realizing (ETH) another coin will take over the programmatic / smart contract / 'all these dapps and stuff' space. Im proud of you guys ;). BTC will run on the other chain as gold.
    I love the videos , watch every day , ty

  2. 100k bitcoin is easier to factor when you include the depreciation of the dollar and the most likely hyper inflation which is coming that no one seems to discuss in these videos. What will we be buying with $1 in 2025 is what you should be asking yourself. The answer makes $100k BTC seems much more realistic. With this factored in it's not so much a get rich scenario and more an avoid financial catastrophe option.

  3. Gold is tangible I can stick it in my closet .. real state is tangible , it stands where it was built , cash is tangible .. I can stick it under my pillow gold can be used for Jewelry among other things , Real estate is used for housing / business… Cash is used to purchase EVERYTHING ON EARTH .. pay all bills ect cash makes the world go round !! Throughout the history of mankind value is based on A commodity anything that is tangible that means something that you can hold with your hand and see smell touch and see . . American eagle Is an endangered species is it worth investing in ? How could something that’s digital and not tangible ever succeed as a long time investment when it was created out of thin air we can’t create gold out of thin air ! It cost money to build real estate . It takes hard work to gain money . Can someone explain this bitcoin to me ? Who’s to say Satoshi Junior doesn’t pop out of nowhere tomorrow and create bitcoin 2.0 out of thin air ? How many New Crypto’s/alt coins do we have to do all created out of thin air ? How many you people Ave Created gold-out of thin air air ?

  4. It's not 3.7% in publicly traded treasuries. The vast majority of that is Greyscale – they are not using this BTC as a treasury. They are buying it for their customers. The space looks amazing atm. I am very bullish, but please report accurately.

  5. Barely any Bitcoin, about 50/50 with small and large cap alts. I believe in the projects and did my research so if I get wrecked at least I know it’s not a rug pull. Very asymmetric bets. Unlike these meme coins.

  6. What he is saying is that $100k will be the new consolidation price. Just like $10k have been a huge resistance point these past 3 years.

    My two satoshis:
    Bitcoin seems to add another 0 in every cycle, just like he says.
    Bitcoin will probably hit even higher than $100k in this next bubble (Q4 2021) (my personal guess is around $200k (10x from last ATH))
    And then it will go straight down to ~~$35k as a new low and find it's new price around the $100k mark (between 2022-2025) while setting up for the major bubble after the next halving

  7. Unless BTC change is algo, the waste energy is total eco unfriendly plus its slowly factor, thus in the long run could faill. Thus FREE coin(FREE) with a good amount of volume for everyone and now millions and billions cheap could be the future! And more potential stability, adopted and near the monetary system

  8. A lot of people are going to hodl bitcoin for a hundred years?! The majority of your viewers will be dead before that (depending on demographics). 🙂 I'm thinking about how to hand it off without my inheritors losing it because they're not technically inclined.

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