Blockchain Protocol Gets United States Patent in Quest to Stop Fake Views | Verasity Cryptocurrency

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  1. Nice video and review but please get/say the name of the coins you are reviewing right *. it's Ver(A)sity – not V(o)r(o)sity or Ver(o)sity. Phonetically = Vee -ra-cit-ee . To remember it easily – think of the female name 'Vera' + 'city' she might live in.
    *Yes I know the issue is largely mine (that I am being a bit pedantic), and I do appreciate your videos – but like Sheldon in BBTits really annoying to the inside of my head when people (native English speakers) cannot even get the name of something they are reviewing right (it undermines the review and the product). Thank you for your video though.
    And, and yes I do own some – I was part of the ICO – but even if I was not invested, the pronunciation would be annoying.

  2. Is there some site where we can buy this coin? Seems very complicated to just purchase some VRA outright. seems like you have to convert Eth to tether or something else and then exchange it for VRA.

  3. You'd only have yourself to blame after watching this video if you don't secure your bag of VRA tokens! I've been staking since the beginning of the year & I know once it hits Binance its over! $1+

  4. Not to shit on raven coin. If that coin can hit 1.1 billion basically due to being on major exchanges. VRA is not yet. The day that happens. Vra will not stay a penny coin for very long.

  5. How does this actually work? I read users have to sign in to an account to verify their POV, that doesn’t seem very seamless

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