Bitcoin’s Taproot And Hardware Wallets

transactions with taproot on Trezor

Taproot recently activated on Bitcoin’s mainnet. The inclusion in Bitcoin’s protocol, however, is only the first step in actually reaping the benefits of Bitcoin’s latest upgrade.

“It’s been a long story that started in a diner in Los Altos, CA where Greg Maxwell, Andrew Poelstra and I somewhere in January 2018 had lunch.” – Pieter Wuille’s thread on the backstory of Taproot development and activation

The recent Bitcoin upgrade may be hard to grasp for non-technical bitcoiners — but that’s only when we focus on what it is and how it works on a technical level. That is the usual problem with communicating all things Bitcoin; sometimes we focus too much on the “what” and “how” of various Bitcoin elements, while overlooking the “why.”

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