Bitcoin’s Stock-To-Flow Model Is NOT REAL? False Narrative! Cory Klippsten REVEALS TRUTH | News

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  1. this guy clearly is an echo chamber for self…..I hate ego centrist BTC WHALE WANNABES…….Hey chat if you do a SIMPLE google search of Gold estimations you will come across a fairly agreed upon amount that scientist ( NOT FORMER TV REPORTERS) across the world have studied to how much GOLD is thought to be left, due to previous yields and deposit models ….. HEY MAYBE I NEED A LITTLE VIDEO WITH YOU GUY 😉

  2. I am sure women love this man, talking BS and having wonderful hair at the same time is irresistable. This guy himself is a false narrative .

  3. If @Cory Klippsten says that it's invalid and this is proved by mathematicians, why he didn't share with us the insights? To argue like this is just childish/silly/clickbaitly

  4. Ya know, he's smart. Ok cool. But you guys are too. And It's widely accepted and KNOWN buddy that we as humans operate the best when coming from "wise mind"which is both analytical and emotional. Living in extremes is not healthy for anyone. He was talking OVER You guys.


    He's probably jelly.

    Please DONT change your guys vibe or information supply because of HIS arrogance.

    He is not balanced with his thinking. Hes all-Data all-day. I dig you guys, this little Blonde Girl wants Her Alt-brothers Charts.
    Please and thanks?

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  6. How is “Stock to flow of gold has been the same for the last 115 years” a right thing? No one Mining for Gold anymore since 115 years? I guess not.

    More Gold in Supply, but Prices are rising (simple because Gold = technology + Gold is harder to find over time).

    Or did i miss something?

  7. I like you guys and appreciate your show but you automatically accepting his explanation of making S2F invalid is total b*******. Many other smarter people than me agree with S2F.

  8. Excuse me, but why aren't people like you at the FED? is it known that these false models, that entire world are using as truth are actually false? What else is a lie?

  9. Regardless whether the "stats" are right or wrong there is a correlation between price of btc and the stock. The R squared coeficient being as high as 98% proves this. Also, where were these guys arguments months ago?? PlanB original model has been out for a while now and now all of a sudden we have mathematicians and statisticians coming in to cause FUD. Repeatedly saying "you can't statistically do this or that" doesn't prove anything. So far the model has been accurate.

  10. Two sides of the same coin … one talks about price pinned to increased demand and S2F talks about price pinned to the inflow of money from an institutional investors POV. I think they’re both right.

  11. The S2F model was back tested with only the first few years as data and oddly enough what the model predicts matches where it is today. Back testing proved S2F is valid!

  12. You really destroyed your credibility with the way you handled this. He may’ve provided arguments against it, and specifically the way the model is built, but he did not destroy it and especially did not destroy the idea of the stock to flow ratio correlating to increased market sizes. It’s like Moore’s Law for computer transistors. We’ve known it for ages but computer prices keep on going up as the # of computer transistors we can fit in the same space keeps on growing at the same rate.

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  14. Hold up, trying to predict a variable like USD valuation is an issue, I agree…..however the behaviour of USD during the lifespan of BTC has been cotrolled itself with a target inflation rate of 2% or so. The variable for this time period has been relatively controlled. This is not true for 115yrs of gold pricing alongside USD due to periods of being on and off the gold standard to start with. Whether the S2F can predict the BTC price into the future is under the assumption that USD behaves within it "mathematical range". This behaviour of USD though is under some question, deflation vs inflation due to recent challenges. The S2F is in my opinion not rubbish, or laughable just because guy here said so. He never asked himself the question why gold and BTC valuations arent comparable by S2F modelling…further he brings in other commodities like Copper with issues of consumption as a productive commodity and chemical decomposition of a significantly less rare material. The S2F works because of significant existing supply against a future limited supply (ie rare), and when there is hoarding/hodling. It works pricewise at present given the management of the USD inflation during the lifespan of BTC thus far……this doesnt mean it will work into the future, but none of these key issues were mentioned, and a dismissive approach without an attempt to address this is telling of the debunking viewpoint of 'too cool for school' guy. IMHO

  15. You can apply Stock To Flow to anything that has limited quantity that ALSO includes a 4 year Halving. Perfect combo. Anything else does not apply and of course would be considered "invalid".

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