Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold in Market Cap | TenX Scandal | Neo SURGE! [Crypto News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Tron, and Ripple. Follow us on Twitter here: …


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  1. I want and need the news. I can easily check the market myself. You've done great thus far finding and summarizing the news. Keep it up. That's why I watch.

  2. i don't believe crypto will ever reach $5T, i believe in the future the banks, institutions & big companies will introduce their own centralized digital currency/assets that will directly compete with the current crypto currencies. It will happen because of one thing: SECURITY. Most people in this world do not care about decentralization, internet 5.0, blockchain etc. They want securities for their money, they want accountability when their digital assets gets hacked, they want someone else to take the blame when things go south (e.g banks).

  3. PROOF OF KEYS! Just curious if this could be the tipping point for Shapeshift. I wonder what the participation facto was there.

  4. I thought long and hard on whether or not to start putting my opinions in the comment section. I am brand new to the cryptocurrency market, literally only a few days, and I have been reading, listening, researching and analyzing this infant of a market at every chance I get. But here is why my opinion matters most of all. I'm a "normal guy" in the financial sense. I dont even own my own home yet and I'm almost 40 years old, and recently changed my life around for the better. Now it's time to make some money. Real money. I bought some marijuana stocks last week, only $100 in four different companies, but in doing so kind of stumbled upon BTC. Like I said I'm ann average guy and have had limited exposure to cryptocurrency, just the usual "they got rich" then "they got broke" story here and there in the major media outlets. But, after researching I quickly realized that I was looking at oil, the automobile, ballpoint pen, microchip, internet and and smartphone combined as far as investment potential goes. I am the beginning of mass adoption. I personally hope the market stays very bearish for a year or two or goes down considerably, so that I can accumulate capital, but even if BTC holds at 4k-6k for the next 6-24 months would be an absolute win for me. I truly believe BTC will eventually pass gold, and when it does that would put its price at around the outer edges of the solar system, forget about the moon. Thank you for your videos.

  5. Is the 22% of Litecoin gain a dead cat bounce? Or is it finally back from the dead? I was thinking of buying it on linkkoin .com cryptocurrency exchange, but I am afraid it will remain low as long as BTC will not skyrocket yet another time.

  6. shapeshift laying off good proof of keys, to many bank partners with Cripple unlike BAT a working platform same token 🙂 just my opinion. i believed in BTC only 1 BTC is 1 btc 🙂 thanx for the info i learn again 🙂

  7. Crypto is great but NEVER EVER, count out Gold or Silver, one thing many of don't know is many Corporations and millionaires and billionaires are buying silver and gold. That should be an indicator that Gold and Silver is vary valuable. Just think the dollar is not really back by anything but a word saying its valuable also crypto same thing so always have some physical Silver and Gold on hand start by small amount per month.

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  9. It will never surpass gold no comparison KBC is backed by gold KBC is literally digital gold come July 4 100 KBC will be exchangeable for 1 gram on January 1st 2020 75 KBC will be exchangeable for 1 gram of gold come 2023 1 KBC exchangeable for 1 gram of gold you guys better get in while its only 2 cents!!!!! Alt coin daily dont get left behind

  10. ## Gold vs. Bitcoin Analysis ##
    (Jan, 2019)

    Gold Market Cap = $7.3 trillion
    Bitcoin market Cap = $60 bln

    Price of Bitcoin today = $4,000 USD
    If Bitcoin becomes 10% of Gold's Market Cap, the price = $44,000 USD
    But if Bitcoin becomes 100% of Gold's Market cap, the price = $308,000 USD

    This may take 20 years to achieve. But it will give you returns better than what the S&P500, Bank Term Deposit, Bonds or Property Market can give.

  11. 3 – 5 years to equal gold?? Haha. There is no guarantee or even a solid promise that BTC will ever top $5K, let alone $250K a coin. The entire crypto market will most likely be under $100M market cap in a month or so. Why? You don't need to look at charts or T/A. Look at what these coins are actually doing — which is largely noting! Ah, but the coin coders do show up in the office and play video games while they hope someone else comes up with something.

  12. This is the same type of videos that a dozen other utubers do.. They just read the news that has already been published. Boring.. Please provide us information that is truly interesting or groundbreaking.. Thanks Ian

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