“Bitcoin Will Spike To 20K In The Next 18 Months” – Mike Novogratz On CNN [UNICEF NEWS]

This is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD for Bitcoin and Crypto adoption. Be ready! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio UNICEF Will Not Convert …


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  1. i think his prediction is spot on for price… great video i really like his explanation for why we need to have decentralized vs centralized money make clear sense china is already a scary situation for sure.

  2. Way too low. Try $120k. Thing is, $8k to $20k is not enough to excite cryptoheads! It might catch the imagination of the traditional sheeple investing public with their dreams of 5% returns, but for cryptoheads $8k to $20k is like "yawn".

  3. Please stop saying Bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency! In fact, Bitcoin is one of the most centralized cryptocurrencies because three or four mining pools control more than 51% of the hashrate! Proof of work cryptocurrencies that do not have mining shares built within the wallet are inherently centralized because they need to rely on mining pools. Unless a pow project figures out how to have proportional mining shares, the most decentralized crypto currencies will be proof of stake. Mic drop.

  4. It seems Mr. Novogratz this year has sure moved his horizon way out and smothered his previous BTC price predictions. Now no one will likely remember in 2 years what he predicted this month.

  5. We were supposed to be at $20K last December, then this past August, then by 2019 year end. Now Novogratz goes out 18 months. Tired of these talking heads and crypto channels engaged in ever increasing hype. It's almost like penny-stock land. Same thing repeated over and over again.

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