“Bitcoin Will Be 500k Per Coin” – BE READY | Will Ethereum Pump in 2021?? – THE TRUTH

Jesse Powell, CEO of top cryptocurrency exchange, gives bitcoin price prediction on the H3H3 podcast. Is Ethereum a good investment in April 2021?! Plus the …


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  1. Watching the grey-hairs have their endless discussions about how to resolve this and that is quite entertaining. Their ideas are archaic. Their actions are robotic and routine. They think they know everything but the entire paradigm upon which their thoughts on financial matters are built is a relic. Amazing just how clueless these people can be about the groundswell of change in attitude and technology surrounding finance.

  2. Good vid dude, thanks

    Just looking into buying some CVR. They have a perfect market and represent great insurance terms. Is it a pearl or do I just have pink glasses on?

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