BITCOIN: Top 10 BIGGEST Events of 2018 [Crypto Year in Review]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! Happy EARLY New Year! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to look back on the biggest moments in cryptocurrency.


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  1. …my favorite ..good viedeos , friendly and relaxed with class Information..wish you good getting in 2019 ..and ill Keep on watching your channel…thx

  2. Really appreciate your channel. Great work! Have you ever thought of doing a picture in picture so we can put a face to the voice ? Not that it matters though.

  3. My favorite channels are:
    1) Richard Heart Win : when he does his live streams. Learned tons and tons from this dude.
    2) The Moon : learning TA from Carl
    3) Sunny Decree : his accent and outlook are equally amazing
    4) AltCoin Daily : great start to a future massive massive channel. Still looking to see these dudes on-cam ????
    5) Crypto Bitcoin Chris : great overview, wish his vids were longer

    Happy New Year to everyone. If you’re trading on Bitmex, yes you do have to be on the VPN every time you log in. They’ll give you seven days to close your position and withdraw your funds or they’ll liquidate you and move your funds to an account at their discretion if they detect you’re signing in from a restricted area like the UNITED STATES.

    HAPPY HODLing!!

  4. I cant believe it you started this year. Unavailable you seems like you have been forever in the crypto space…by the way other good youtuber in my opinion are David Hay, Crypto Candor, Bitboy, Crypto Zombie, Crypto Crow, Crypto Beadles, MMcrypto, LouisThomas, Marc de Messel, Crypto love, Crypto0, Decentralized tv, Crypto Rus, Crypto99, Ready Set Crypto, and of course IVAN ON TECH……..

  5. Alessio Rastani is a great alternative to this channel as he looks at trading trends which is also helpful once Alt Coin Daily has helps you choose your coins. Thanks Alt Coin Daily for great informative information.

  6. Found you mid 2018, following you regularly. Great content. Keep it coming. Would like to see a video on the different crypto sectors and where the concentration of growth is now and where we need to go. Thanks

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  8. Great Show. 2016 Innovation year, 2017 ICO year, 2018 Regulations year, 2019 institutional investors year , 2020 Mass adoption begins. 2025 everything runs on blockchains

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