Bitcoin To $1 Million In 5 Years! This Millionaire & This Billionaire BOTH Getting VERY BULLISH!

This Millionaire & This Billionaire BOTH Getting VERY BULLISH On Bitcoin (For Very Different Reasons)! 1000000 Price In 5 Years Raoul Pal & Chamath …


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  1. Raoul ! lol.. that smile 🙂 party time in.. Raoul's Bar.. happy hour.. started early at.. Raoul's Bar !

    I'm thirsty just thinking about comfy mode with interesting friends in your own bar.. it must be good for talking and deep thought on life itself ! <3

  2. I don’t think people realize that this is killing businesses. People are selling their stocks and buying “thin air”. Does anyone ever question if this is the plan?

  3. I feel badly for my younger brother. He started mining it in 2009. My dad and I told him he was insane and it was a dumb idea. He had over 600 coins and sold them all in 2013 and bought a Kia. Lmao. What a sin.

  4. I stated this in another video, and will do it again.

    If fiat currency finally stops getting recklessly printed (specially in the US), and it gets it’s long overdue reset to get it’s real value backed by physical commodities, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others will be worth wayyyyyy more than a million. The amount of money that governments keep stealing from the hard work and sweat of the people, forced them to cut the umbilical cord between paper money and hard assets like gold and silver, every time real estate, automobile, personal and business loans get originated and later sold to a bank, theoretically, paper money gets created without backup with only the word of the government’s good faith, This will very soon end, the massive bubble has gotten too big, and as the inevitable fact that technology evolves and catches up, many new generation millionaires and billionaires will start popping up like crazy, mark my words.

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