Bitcoin SV Delistings Continue | 1 BTC Could Hit $1 Million in Under a Decade – PayPal | Crypto News

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  1. I just finished reading "The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking" and it has opened my eyes to what is really going on in the world of finance. I'm moving my meagre retirement savings out of the property and stock markets and 100% into bitcoin. The end of this video hits upon the exact message. The only option governments have is to print more money. Print more money, making the dollars you worked for less valuable. Meanwhile, taxes go up and they double dip and force us into a meaningless grind to get a head in a world where our money has less and less purchasing power. Get into Bitcoin as soon as you can before the insane world governments steal your wealth by inflating your fiat (fake) currency. Bitcoin is digital gold we are all here before the digital gold rush has started. The worlds population will inevitably choose a form of wealth that cannot be manufactured by politicians or bankers.

  2. I like binance a lot. And you can tell something about a person by their accurate Judgment of character and even more by taking action against obvious destructive influences.

  3. I know everyone hates Craig Wright and I'm no fan either but, I believe CZ used Craig's behavior as an excuse to delist BSV and people should take the time to think about what he has to gain or alternative motives he would have for doing so instead of cheering on this centralized group think……I also know by having a centralized exchanges dominating and controlling the development of the crypto sphere, the inevitability that an owner/owners would do something like this BSV delisting, no matter how you feel about this or if it happened to different cryptos, for reasons…..This whole situation proves all cryptos have a centralization and censorship vulnerability and that needs to be addressed before it is explored by bad actors or governments, if it is not already.

  4. It’s up to the exchange whether or not they want to list any crypto so I don’t think it’s a problem if CZ or Kraken decide to delist or list anything they want. Just buy somewhere else like any other product you would purchase at a store.

  5. Wants again. Another great video. I believe it could hit 1mill. Maybe sooner than expected. ✌️? But sidenote – coinbase actually gave me some bsv. It was 0.14$ and now it's at 0.20$ so not sure what to do with that. It was a BSV hardfork. But funny thing is….you can't do anything with it. Coinbase doesn't even support bsv. ? Definitely confused.

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