Bitcoin Surging Past $24,000 on Christmas as BlackRock ($7.8 Trillion) Leads Cryptocurrency Bull Run

Bitcoin surges to hit NEW all-time high on Christmas day as BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, looking to cryptocurrency in 2021! Altcoin Daily, the …


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  1. KIN and Sentivate are sleeping giants in development at sale prices and low cap…and cheap to get millions for now…
    Why not get Ms.. instead of some Ks coins!?

  2. I hop you stop promoting ripple xrp that pump and dump exit scam… SEC gona mount their heads on a wall and American exchanges are in the process of delisting.

    XRP = the ENRON of crypto

  3. BlackRock wants to get a finger on the pulse of DC infrastructures… ETH 2.0 and Bitcoin have it on lock for speed/volume and network/scale, respectively. Definitely think Ethereum is going to win big 2021 and 22, assuming they can deviler them goods and put their new tech and DeFi products on the big stage.

  4. BTC may work out as a system but it’s not an investment in my opinion. What functions am I missing and what value does it store? I can let a future girlfriend wear gold jewelry. I can’t let a future girlfriend wear BTC because it doesn’t exist physically and so it feels like a mythological unicorn.

  5. Please keep pumping as Ponzi scheme needs exponential amount of greater fools to keep the bubble from bursting. Cheers!

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