Bitcoin Short Positions Just Hit a 3 Month Low! | Stellar Huge Giveaway! Litecoin & Facebook [News]

Watch this video for today’s cryptocurreny news! Stellar Giving Away $25 in XLM! Send & Receive Litecoin Using Facebook Messenger! Bitcoin short positions …


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  1. Thanks for the great content as always. 2019 will be a fantastic year. I firmly believe we are in too early. Buy some Bitcoin, dabble with good altcoins to build up your Bitcoin and remember to think "long term" and HODL that Bitcoin. Patience is needed to succeed. Best of luck everybody!

  2. What do you think about the abra app to buy coins? I’m trying to find somewhere we’re I can but multiple coins but most have only a few.. what do you recommend I have Coinbase,blockchain and but yea I want to more options in what I can buy?

  3. Stellar is going interstellar !! ??? I’ve heavy loaded up my bags a month ago! 8000% gains is quite possible for this next cycle, don’t miss the rocket! ???

  4. I am still very surprised most people don’t know that Bitcoin is not just the Future of Finance but is also a Huge ? Wealth ?Transfer to those who understands its Implications early on, the last Wealth transfer of this magnitude was in 1950 till date , and it was about those who found oil, There’s a huge wealth transfer going on now where those who used to be poor, nerdy, geeky, sitting in your moms basement if you like ? are suddenly the new millionaires, because the last 200years , the people who found oil decides where money goes till date, I won't play myself by missing this Money Train. Few months Ago when I first bought my first Bitcoin early this year when it was $13,500 , I was a confused Hodler who didn't know what to make of his crypto investments, I had 5Btc, 120 Etherium, 300Ltc and 20,000 xrp, the prices where dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw Bitcoin go from $13k to to $6k in June , my Alts were falling at the same, I sold half of my Holdings out of Fear of loosing everything , I had only 2.6Btc left in my Coinbase wallet, I had little knowledge on Stocks and Forex so it really enhanced my Learning .Early July , on CNBC channel I heard them mention a Crypto Veterian named “NICHOLAS SWAN” they said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him the next day, he told me his fee for his program ( No upfront payments ) we started working , he gave me guidelines on what to do, I started trading under his guidance same day, it was a bit complicated but I understood better after 3days, I continued with him for 3weeks , I made 13.8Btc total which I paid him his Fee from ,he's down to earth and always ready to teach , I was able to reach him through his Telegram Number -(+1-631-620-6929) , or you can send him a mail but he's always available on Telegram .✊

  5. Ex Paypal employees are starting the future, I got 9 invites left and am giving 3000 coins p/invite

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  6. Stick with XRP and BTC as much as you can guys. If everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream may be lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind. just remember where it's going and don't be put off by short term fluctuations and don't facilitate this dream into becoming a nightmare. The coinbase thing will undoubtedly be replaced by another incident but it will always correct to higher until it's mooned naturally. Don't give up on it and start day trading it, it will take too much time and concentration. Remember XRP is probably bitcoin part 2. It is quite unfortunate that the most popular word lately amongst crypto enthusiasts and traders alike is “hodl.” This concept of “holding on for dear life” in itself may not be a bad idea but why hold on to an investment instrument which could make you some money, or make you very miserable tomorrow? Making a good profit off crypto is easy if and only if you can find the right entry point and exit point in your day trading. Someone I discovered that has tremendously helped me with this is Mr. Wesley Wills. He has a system which is so effective it amazes me. I have been using his signals and strategies and have turned out a very impressive profit over the last two months. I would suggest him for beginners and even more experienced traders who have a problem turning in a consistent profit. His contacts are ( wesleywillsclinic @ solution4u com or WhatsApp (+44 7482 875028)

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  8. Hi =) is there a way to contact you? I have a paper of my prof. about btc energy consumption and it would be nice if you could tell me what you think about that short paper?

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