Bitcoin Setting Up For Something Big! HERE IS WHY! Goldman Sachs Move Towards Ethereum! [COMP/LINK]

Bitcoin Setting Up | Ethereum At Goldman Sachs | Compound Investor Activity | Chainlink FUD Let’s talk about it! BITCOIN | ETHEREUM | COMPOUND …


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  1. The fact you can't do proper investigation before you create videos just adds another reason not to watch – company that released the report on link is fake

  2. Can we pleasr dig deeper in the quantum computer claims? As some research lab was saying this: “Bitcoin will be obsolete soon as quantum computing will be able to crack the code and mine all the coins in short order. Then they will be worthless. There are better alternatives, that do not require block chain or encryption and totally private. Bitcoin is not private”. How can you respond on that? Please note that I’m all in BTC.

  3. Yoo gents ? Could you have a look into Aergo they have been absolutely killing it lately and now something big is brewing, think partnership with KakoaTalk. Check it out $AERGO

  4. Stay away from bitboy, he has a history of being a scammer and also works with felons to scam people. I mean do what you want but it's a fast track way to discredit your channel.

  5. It's obvious whats happening .Everything the article talks about concerning development of what LINK is supposed to do is being countered by others,therefore it's reasonable to assume that LINK price has gotten ahead of its intrinsic value. I have been a fan of LINK until an obvious pump took the price too high,.. too quick. LINK might be the answer to a lot of problems with information technology ,just as SWIFT is too international banking ,but LINK is being priced like it has already achieved these lofty goals. I once said LINK was in its own league ,apparently it is not. How much ownership of LINK tokens are held and quietly being sold in this run up by the founders is IMPORTANT.It can tell retail where the price should be.

  6. 'zeus' going thru all the trouble of pumping out a 60 page doc that Link OG's will chuckle at just so they can try to dump the price because they missed out getting in cheap. Bullish.

  7. Chainlink is not defi they are oracle being used for defi- really more of a utility
    Now where they develop into and what the other people in the space do to develop their own oracle/“chainlink” will dictate if this is a real project or not
    Price wise it is a no brainer in a bull market to hit $50-75 range in a bear they are no brainer to hit $15-$25

  8. The crazy thing about that Chainlink article is it literally made it crash, which means it did exactly what it was designed to do. I agree with you that all they did was state general problems about DeFi, nothing specific that can correlate direct issues with the development of Chainlink, and as a matter of fact a majority of their partnerships aren't falsified so not sure where they are basing those accusations from haha. Anyways, I love seeing how hard the 'System' is trying to fight back against Decentralization… Tears come in all shapes and sizes.

  9. if price of link token is let's say 10 $– don't u think that is very expensive for blockchains to available of this Oracle service? just a thought …

  10. Zeus is Nimrod in the Bible. To bring the Anichrist. Aka Pan. So I already know this is BS. To create chaos for the crypto market that will be worth trillions. And I am going to be purchasing more link and giving it back o the Kingdom of the Most High and Jesus Christ to defeat Satan. Amen. Satan is a fool. A punk. A loser. A liar. And aims to create confusion to consolidate power. Simple.

  11. Zeus capital is a legit company. This report was wrote by zues-capital not legit. Clearly knowledgeable on the subject so most definitely a competitor

  12. Guys, Seriously! If you cannot see the use case for a lot of solid Altcoins projects (compound, link vet, ada, tezos etc) then you are letting your BitCoin fundamentalism get the better of your good judgment. Basically, you are implying that the Altcoins have no use other than speculation. You are doing a great disservice to the sector. All that being said, I do thank you for the service that you do do by producing these news roundups.

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