Bitcoin Sets Record 68 Days Straight Over $10,000! AMAZING Time To Be A Hodler | Cryptocurrency News

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  1. Hey man, i love watching your videos, you respect the name of this channel…. Will you be so kind and tell us about Electroneum (ETN) they literally made crypto useful on daily basis… My humble request to check it out and give us a detailed review of Electroneum's future… Thanks man.

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  3. Whose in the UK? Do you know if exiting from BTC into USDT on coinbase would trigger a capital gains tax liability? Or would the trigger happen upon conversion into fiat?

  4. Bro with all my respects, I see u nany times posting about Venezuela but in such kind of way that seems positive,… let me tell u Im venezuelan and all those exchanges are centralized and manage by NARCO, so please stop promoting this because seem you’re not informed enough

  5. People I need help, I'm Brazilian, and an American robbed me, he impersonated Elizabeth, and made me invest my only money (200 dollars), promising that I would profit 2000 dollars, and I trusted, because I thought that all Americans were good people, and I never imagined that he was going to rob me, even today he does not answer my messages, I am very sad, I invested everything I had, why I needed it ??? …

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  7. Eth is turning bullish. Dude are you talking CORE XFI? YLAND? And other anti deflationary farming coins. $core has started something BIG it seems. Love the way DeFi is evolving

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