Bitcoin Pumping! NEW DATA Shows Top Altcoins With Fake Hype Vs Volume

Market Analysis. Recent News. Top Story: REVEALED: These major crypto projects faking their Twitter hype. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. I think saying that TokenPay is a scam without offering any facts to back this up is very irresponsible of you. I see that in response to other people on here asking why you think it's a scam, all you offer is that their tokens have been premined. That does not make it a scam. Many cryptos are premined (including XRP).

  2. Bitcoin is up more than 160% since the start of the year, partially due to powerhouses becoming involved in the crypto space. So what are you waiting for? Let us be your guide to these cutting-edge opportunities!

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  3. Hello. Could Altcoin Daily do a review on VIBEHub- (Vibe) in the future. They have a working platform for VR an AR,. Lately they went in on a partnership with NEO. Vibe is listed on Binance and other great exchanges. Is it worth having one eye watching them? What do you guys think?

  4. If anyone is in btc I would hope they are not going to use libra at all ever. It's two different conflicting ideas

  5. Surprised to see DigiByte as well. DGB community is huge. Highly doubt the fake hype. Anyone who has done their research knows DigiByte is a solid project and a hidden gem.

  6. every cryptocoin have fake hype and volume and that includes bitcoin, the most hyped and with fake volume is bitcoin but as it is the coin everyone like none talks about it why? money invesment. i am so glad i do not follow any youtubers cause all youtubers are full of fud and hype just doing this clickbites

  7. I stopped this recording when you were describing the decending tringle at 11,700 I had bought at 1180, about 3 wks ago. Folks we will never buy or sell at the perfect time, this is not Holllywood, but having this knowledge now and taking any form of action might at the least afford us to enjoy an entertaining pastime. And who knows… Paul Malta

  8. While your content is good you need to do more research into Electroneum it is certainly not dead and actively on the ground in Africa and Brazil.

  9. I'm not seeing any new money coming in, halving is likely already valued in and btc will remain in long term consolidation between 9 and 11k for the next year or until it can scale for adoption. DCA ?

  10. Are you implying that there is always a negative correlation between the twitter hype and the actual performance of a project. I'm sorry, this just doesn't seem to hold water. But by all means please educate me on this.

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