Bitcoin Price Update! Bullish News for XRP! Tron Announcement! Ontology Update!

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  1. Goldman Sacks won’t be over however new gen Z and millennials don’t trust anymore in banks ?
    Decentralized institutions are the future, sure they can be regulate by gov but they can’t be manipulated like govs do with banks, this’s the era of internet over again. Crypto is free currency with a lot of posibilites to improve and involved something FIAT can’t. That’s why all the system of banks won’t anymore stronger even they can “adopt” crypto in their economy, and highly doubt JP Morgan Token hahahahahahaha and hahahahahhahahaa

  2. I appreciate the fact that good hearted still exist even if they are not common. 24hrssoftcyberhack@gmail got best btc miner software and private key hack

  3. Thanks for not being an XRP hater like some of the fools out there. So many blind to the adoption that's going on in broad daylight. Crypto should be an investment, not a religion.

  4. I'm not sure if this is new or not, but today I just realized no fee withdrawal from nicehash to coinbase is back… not sure why I didn't hear about this as it seems like big news

  5. Tron: the platform that solves nothing, eventually it's worth nothing. Hyped up tweets can only carry garbage so far. It's more likely Justin Sun has legal problems in the near future since he created a token to profit off pirate downloading.

  6. I am a firm believer of Bitcoin and crypto currencies as a whole and this projects Apollo, Digibyte, Cardano, BABB and U Netrwork will bring a lot of new retail and institutional investors to the market, the next bull run is imminent, 1$ EOY 2019 for these coins are very realistic buy and hold

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  8. We had a nice Stair Step pattern going. Rally Consolidate, Rally Consolidate, Rally Consolidate, much like the lead up to the big rally in December of 2017. Someone, perhaps a Whale decided to dump. It could even be related to the coming announcement that XRP will be available on Coin Base. Regardless, this seems like an uninformed over compensation or manipulation at the expense of the market. If we see a rally up to where the lateral was prior to the big rally that set up the big dump and then consolidated and a continue of the stair step, we will go higher and a more organized and calm way which could be very healthy for Bitcoin.

  9. Thanks for the video. Elastos is looking great. Elastos has been invited by The World Bank to do a presentation & also TV Box units equipped with Elastos Carrier has reached the 1 million mark through their hardware collaboration with Shanghai Shijiu TV.

  10. Electroneum just released the M1 smart phone and announced they are now live with a Mobile Network Operators in South Africa. Real use case in progress. Users able to TOP UP their minutes and data with Electroneum that they mine with their phone. Any phone can download electroneum app, wallet, cloudminer and start collecting Electroneum. More coming soon.

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