Bitcoin price is going to $1,000,000! ⚡ Jack Mallers explains why

“The Fed is SCAMMING you” says Jack Mallers (CEO of Strike) US dollar hyperinflation is REAL! We will be at Bitcoin Conference …


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  1. Mallers and SBF have a few things in common. Smug, arrogant, talk like they know it all when they are just kids. Attention starved adolescent minds.

  2. These kinds of price predictions should be banned from social media because it only serves harm to others and is misleading information.

  3. This guy bugs me for some reason. Goonie faced Bitcoin Maxie. Bitcoin isn’t going to a million for 10 years plus. These guys are trying to get ppl to buy to dump. We aren’t in a bull market yet. We have a correction coming soon. Then we will pump.

  4. BTC to hit 1 million is 1,000,000% going to happen. It is just a matter of when. 1 year,10 years,20 years etc. Usd is going to keep losing value

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