Bitcoin Price Collapse! ? Global Protests Reveal Cryptocurrency Full Potential ? Bitcoin News

The bitcoin price is dropping! Let’s talk about this on a macro level. Let me know your thoughts. Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. strange you said I have been 4 yrs studied French Language well the word Gendarmes you said wrong Accent when I saying last word never say it I wanna if YouTube record voice it well butter .

  2. Top coin to buy right now bitcoincz 2.5 Mil supply only $0.15 price i believe its gonna hit few dollars in this month listing is approved for hobbit and p2p exchange is in process. Buy some cheap one now and say thank you later on 🙂

  3. Poloniex is Major scam artist. my kyc compliance was accepted with Gemini exchange also with card and several other exchanges but yet for some reason it was rejected from bologna acts so I am unable to withdraw my coins even though I had a account with them long before the kyc ever came around as well. luckily it's not a lot of coins and not a lot of money that I am going to lose but it is the principle of it that lots of other exchanges insights accepted my kyc but yet they cannot accept it so therefore as far as I am concerned they are thieves and scam artists.

  4. Chili instead of Chile, you made me laugh.

    Don‘t get this wrong i love foreigners pronouncing wrong.
    May i allowed to ask if you were born in USA or kinda country with english?

    I‘m from GER, but some of your spelling makes me guess you joined USA as a Child / Teenager

    ? 🙂

  5. BitcoinCashZero (BCZ) is awesome project with super talented developers and should replace BTC on the throne. It's not only next BTC fork, BCZ eliminates all flaws that BTC has plus add superior technology to the crypto space. With GameBOXX and confirmed HotBit listing it will nicely move up and attract lots of new investors especially from Chinese market on which HotBit has started BCZ marketing campaign. I recommend to look at this project.

  6. Bitcoin has charted a relief rally in the last 24 hours, yet it still needs to rise by more than $1,000 in the next three days to invalidate bearish pressures. The recovery from six-month lows around $6,500 had been expected, with key indicators reporting extreme oversold conditions and intraday charts flashing signs of seller exhaustion, what should be the trend now is accumulating as much as possible because that way investors stay safe in any market trend. I trade daily under the guidance of Caleb Easterby a well-seasoned expert trader who provides trade signals and strategies. His signals are top notch, accurate and gives you a consistent wining and profit streak. I have accumulated 15 btc from my initial 2 btc in just 2 months of using his signals. Caleb is the best signal provider I have come across and he can be contacted on { WhatsApp (+31) 635250332 or Telegram (@Easterby) } if you need some help and have questions about being a consistently profitable trader.

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