Bitcoin Pattern SURPRISINGLY Similar To Pre-2017 Bull Run Era; Can History Repeat Itself?

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  1. The 21million limit is just software and consensus. I believe the miners will get together and change the rules of bitcoin to keep a block reward and increase the supply beyond 21million. If not, expect fees to become huge.
    Also with all the "lost" coins, watch out for a coin burn that will forever freeze those old coins, and allow new coins to replace them.

  2. Hi you should change the name of your channel to graph analysis. Watch other crypto channels where they talk about blockchain improvements, something that will help the society, your channel is just about money, graph crap triangles and support , up, down. No good

  3. Iv got 1.6 bitcoin. It’s about 25% of my portfolio. I’d love to buy more of it but a big rule of investing is not to have all your eggs on one basket. Might push to 2 btc by the end of the year if we have one more decent correction (I pray for it to dip only because I know it’s GOING TO THE MOOOOOOOON!!!!)

  4. Dollar cost in, then when it hits your initial target, dollar cost out to ride it all the way up… Unless fiat becomes useless, then just hold bitcoin and pay all expenses with Bitcoin. Never sell 100% of your BTC, you will regret it long term.

  5. Is it possible to create more than 21 million Bitcoin if more than 50% of ppl are to make it so? Hypothetically speaking, knowing that they probably wouldn't want to increase the cap

  6. Im literally selling my 94 supra so i can buy BTC. im going to be able to buy another Supra plus a house in a few years so short term goodbye lmao. Great vid.

  7. I know for a fact that price action for BTC is going to steadily rise for the next 3 years, then 1 year of crashing. It IS a sure thing because the BTC life chart proves this. It’s a 4 year cycle, and it started a new 4 years on 1-1-2019, or 1-2 months before. What people say means nothing. Look at the chart. Look at what happens after BTC halving. Every, single, time, to the moon.

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