Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Entering Re-Accumulation. Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin.

Re-Accumulation. Look at the similarities in the cycles. Every cycle has the same phases. Bitcoin is moving. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Dude you cant be looking at a chart and think past performance will repeat, things might change and nobody really knows where this is going.

  2. I like Steve Bannon. I used to listen to him on Patriot radio before he went to work for Trump. He's also a Navy vet and relatively anti-establishment. He's also a BTC hodler.

  3. You make such good sense every day. I don't find any FUD'sters with compelling evidence for the contrary. I keep an open mind but those against just give week arguments.

  4. I think just buy now. If it drops for a short period then look the other way and hodl. If/When it does go up the price of buying now or lower will not matter. (as he plants vege's to eat in case he is 'reckt') ?

  5. Wait I still don;t really get what "reaccumulation" is… Are you saying its going up rn? or what? I bought it at around 10,700-10,800… gud or bad choice? lol

  6. Thaks for the great video. I hope you are right and 19 will be a good year ?
    Can you pls do a video from OMG.
    Thanks and Regards from WAustralia

  7. I am currently sitting on my ETH stack and trading to increase the stack on Bybit. I believe that ETH will see 500 again by the end of 2020. $200 has shown strong resistance. it is the little brother

  8. Who cares if Ben Shapiro endorces BTC. Who the hell is he but a political writer anyway? We don't need his endorsement especially at this point as if he was someone important enough for that to even matter anyway. I think him saying that is a very egotistical thing to do. Assuming he is the end all go to mouth piece for anything financial wtf? He is way late to the party

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