Bitcoin Next ATH & Next Cycle Top WHEN? (Price Prediction)

When will bitcoin hit an All Time High again? When will the next ‘cycle top’ occur? Carl Runefelt aka Carl The Moon is a YouTube …


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  1. Hey man, do you want me to unsubscribed you? why did you bring this clown here? he not even know what a bear market? or how to survive one!!!
    F**k man, you lost one subscriber…
    Reply and said will never bring this or I go.

  2. 300k-1M next run is pretty absurd. Maybe I'm wrong, but consider 2017 was 20k and 2021 was 70k. That's just over a 3x on ATH. If we get another 3x it's only 210k, but realistically, it won't be another 3x, so we will be lucky (and happy) to break 100k.

  3. These crap Youtubers just guessing BTC price. We haven't hit bottom yet. If you want to watch no hopium shilling videos on Youtube, watch Jason Pizzino. Saved me jumping in and getting out of assets early.

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