Bitcoin News Today! Nike Getting Into Crypto! eToro Offering BTC & ETH? India Banning Crypto

Follow us on Twitter: There have been 2 halvings in the first 10 years of Bitcoin. Three will be 3 halvings in the next 10 years.


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  1. Team AA, why you two brothers are so special. You guys are very business professional, talk very nice, smart, high standards.
    There are two more guys like that. Alessio Rastani & from Ready set Crypto.

  2. It's cool that show us who your subscriptions. I also like to listen on different people with different perspectives whether bullish or bearish.
    My faves are your channel, mr kristof, sunny decree and alessio rastani.

  3. Will check out some of the recommendations you provided in today's videos, so thank you for that. In return, check out Crypto Zombie. Great atmosphere and provides news with his own perspective. Funny guy as well.

  4. Bob Loukas is THE man.

    Chart Guys best straight TA

    DataDash great macrotakes.

    Bobby Digging for fresh angles, good dude.

    CT Zombie (Altho too blindly Bullish) good with news.

    Also Mike Maloney and his Secret History of Money videos are a MUST WATCH tho.

    Chico and Supa are trash.

  5. Be aware of Bitcoin and crypto hackers. Now they are sending out fake wallets updates.

    Make sure your crypto coins are kept saved on cold wallets.
    Every time you are sending crypto to any wallet
    , take a moment and verify the address before you hit the sending button. Hackers from around the world are creating
    different ways to steal your crypto and the higher the price of

    bitcoin, the most dangerous will become. Share this comment

  6. I've been watching you for some time, and I can only say, great job. Have you followed development over at Unification? UND seems to be a great asset to have, even to stake a claim for a validator. What do you think?

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