Bitcoin Momentum Building | Cardano on Coinbase? | ICE Lists 58 NEW Altcoins on Data Feed

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  1. Higher volume is a great sign of the markets turning around. I myself also don't think whales have anything to do with price action. The majority of whales bought bitcoin at $0.10c like my dumbass should have in 2010 but I listened to my friends and never doing that again. But they don't trade bitcoin. They hold and cash out 1-2 here and there to live off of. They're in it for the long run. The market trading is caused by hundreds of millions if not billions of traders reading the same charts and trading off the same signals. It's really that simple. If your sitting on 10,000+ bitcoin your not worried about trading or prices. Your building the infrastructure behind the scenes

  2. Sorry for slacking on commenting lately. I listen and "like" daily! "Smart gambling"… oxymoron? Glad you addressed the Coinbase Pro fee change. I got the email about it but hadn't taken the time to research it. As always, I appreciate your videos! 🙂

  3. Why is it that as soon as BTC starts to fart upwards, even mildly, out comes the comment "it's due a healthy correction". How are we ever gonna repeat 2017 if everyone's like "hey it's gone up a piddley amount for 4 days, there must be a correction coming". Don't people remember 2017?

  4. Altcoins are running like crazy,I made some good profit on Binance by trading.
    Almost doubled my portfolio.
    Thanks to @satosicollector telegram channel

  5. Great video! Love the content, and I've been thinking the same that coinbase is preparing for something. However, I see large capitulation and correction in the short term, not more bullishness. Could be wrong of course. I think a bull trap soon is actually quite likely.

  6. They say the coinbase effect has lost its luster…but, I think its more that no one cared about the alts they have listed recently but, ADA is the one everyone has been waiting for…….

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