Bitcoin Market Analysis Shows Break Down Imminent! Keep An On Eye On This! & Other News!

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  1. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record in the comment section. I agree 100%, that in just a few years, getting invested in Bitcoin at $3,150 or $4,000 will both be viewed as a magnificent choice, which is why I continue to cost average my purchases. I will say this though; I am holding a decent amount of fiat on the side, approximately 15X what I currently have invested, and when the next dip comes in April I will dump all of it into a handful of cryptocurrencies. Cheers Aaron. Cheers Austin.

  2. Yep! 6 weekly green candles is good.

    Also, it may be that reports of fake volume for Bitcoin and crypto could be very bullish, as it means the effect of the 2019/20 Block reward halvings for Bitcoin and Łitecoin May be more significant (as a proportion of total volume) than previously thought.

  3. Respect for enlightening so many full of hopeium with downside potential still. Even if we make it past 4200 or 4100 weekly 200 ema 4250 is weekly 21 ema which we struggled with in the past. Not even counting descending volume bars. The impatient always lose in the long run.

  4. I don’t laugh when you tell people to take profits why not let them figure it out because it is a taxable event and you never mentioned that do you

  5. Yes i know it’s difficult to justify bitcoin is a mature asset and has a sophisticated market supporting it. yet despite the fabricated volumes across crypto currency,of course a smart entrepreneur would definitely still invest in the bitcoin but with a different approach and mindset, there is so much profit to make of the cryptocurrency. First and foremost, research by Bitwise Asset Management clearly shows that volumes are faked by exchanges to as much as 95% so what that spells for hodlers is an impending danger but a goldmine for traders. with the right setup of course trading involves betting a pair of currency against another and it is a very profitable way to earn good profit . I make as much as 4 to 5 times my coins as a trader every month so without necessarily junk spending all my money accumulating, Step by step i'm building my portfolio and with this technique, i can boldly say i am on the highway to financial freedom.and all i have been doing is copy the trade patterns and signals of Dani Thompson, a highly skilled trader, manager ,entrepreneur and mentor in the crypto currency world. his techniques makes it very easy for me to profit son a regular basis and without the pitfalls most traders experience. If you are need of such a reliable assistance and mentorship, contact Danithompsoninc@gmail .com and i am sure he would be of great assistance to you.

  6. Does anyone see any of the virtually unknown cryptos and/or “shitcoins” really going higher? Do any have anything special going for them or have real potential?

  7. Does anyone have nominations for the easiest-to-navigate cryptocurrency exchange? I’m not versed in the technical side of cryptos and just want to buy a modest amount but it seems daunting to do so on Binance etc with all those numbers, graphs, charts and technical jargon. As I’ve said previously, I liken today’s crypto exchanges to the pre-Windows MS-DOS interface of pc’s. Once some EASILY UNDERSTOOD exchanges go online I predict cryptos will — like the Internet eventually did — become popular among ordinary non-technical people i.e. 99.9% of people.

  8. Most people don't realize the rate of inflation. It is typicaly 5% a year. Rate of pay goes up 2% or less per year. Of course we may not see inflation go up every year. We may not see much inflation for several years and then all of a sudden, 2008 happens and everything starts to go up like crazy. If you need $2000/mo. to live on now, you will need $5306 in 20 years. Weather your a hodler, day trader or swing trader I believe now is a good time. I don't want to be in an old folks home in 20 years wishing I had the money for a mickey Ds burger.

  9. Less TA please. Too much. If you want to analyze something, figure out who is causing the sudden $80 drops and rebounds in BTC. Someone (large corp?) testing whether they can manipulate the price? This has happed 3x in the last 7 days. Small investors can't profit off of it, even if they knew exactly when it would occur. The fees from the exchanges would swallow up any profits.

  10. So much for your technical analysis skills !!!
    As a CMT , I advise you not to ever give so much value to technical analysis in isolation !! Learn to combine your analysis with fundamentals, cycles, psychology, macroeconomic and microeconomics !!

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