Bitcoin Just Turned “SUPER BULLISH”! Big Things Are Happening In 2020 [Cryptocurrency News Online]

A LOT OF GOOD NEWS TODAY! Bitcoin‘s Energy Value just hit an ALL TIME HIGH! This is “Super Bullish” according to Charles Edwards of Capriole …


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  2. Yesterday’s price gains were almost entirely without volume coming into the market. As a group of maximalists we should acknowledge new highs are not going to be seen until new money enters the market. Do we really believe new money is sitting on the sidelines waiting when folks are queuing at food banks?

  3. He didn’t give an analysis. He gave a guess with no reasoning other than… restaurants are full. In his limited view, he has not seen a large percentage of restaurants in America to make this a plausible basis for an educated guess.

  4. You interpreted the Larry Summers quote completely wrong, he said he’d be “surprised” if there was a global digital currency adopted in his lifetime which means he is not expecting it to happen.

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  7. Major divergence on the daily RSI & up 200% since the bottom with no correction. I dont think its very bullish. Might see another run to 10K but then its gonna dump hard.

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