BITCOIN JUST HIT $58,000! Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investments You NEED To Watch NOW! (Altcoin News)

Bitcoin just hit a new all time high in February 2021! Let’s discuss bitcoin as well as Litecoin (LTC), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK), Sushi (SUSHI), EOS (EOS) …


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  1. Hi Guys ! Love ur Show !!! Have à look at thé New reflect token on binance chain (ypanda,yape,exf) this things are mooning and no one talks about them…

  2. anyone else waiting to see what A.D. has to say about the market today? hold strong people. the big guys are manipulating the prices to scare you into selling so they can get in cheap

  3. When I look at the polkadot/btc chart I tell myself… technically the most bullish /btc chart of all big altcoins. Its one of the big players but it didnt have that pump against btc yet, which all other big alts already had.

  4. I use coinbase for buying Crypto. However, some coins like PolkaDot and Cardano cannot he purchased on CoinBase. How do I buy coins that aren’t supported by CoinBase?? ?

  5. It would not suprises me if Wyoming on average has the wealthiest citizens in the country ten years from now. It seems like they're the only spot in the US that actually wants cryptocurrency companies doing business there. It's very possible this is going to lead to more people being educated and on average more heavily invested in the space as a whole.

  6. It’s happening, I have felt for some time that people were underestimating what this bull run was going to be like comparing it to the past halvings, it's not the same, the floodgates have been knocked open and this Elon Musk investment is proof and a big impelling force to that end. Better get your moon boots dusted off. Indeed its a tough decision for both old and newbies whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradnBtc would allow you grow yourBtc not minding the present price chart and also saving your ass from any future deep that may occur . I started tradn with Tony Max since late last year and till date have made over 63Btc even with the ups and downs since the journey . With Tony help I no longer have to worry about any Bitcoin fall now or in the future. You can easily get to Tony on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @Tony_signal22 & ω???ѕ?ρ? +1 7 1 4 9 4 2 5 6 3 9 for any Crypot related issue

  7. Cryptocurrencies will soon rule the financial world on a global scale. Your mind cannot fathom the money that will be made long term from relatively small investments now.

  8. hi fella, good vid

    heard about Gold Secured Currency? its a decentralized coin that is designed to enable secure and fast peer-to-peer purchasing and selling. Need to hear your opinion

  9. Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making few loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  10. I see you like making content. So I have an idea for you. Make a review of YVS Finance. They provide cool vaults, farming and staking. The total supply is only 1,85m coins and no minting. Moreover they burn 0.75 % fee on all transactions.

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