BItcoin is ONE STEP closer to Mass Adoption! Plus Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Index, Vechain, and Neo Update!

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  1. Hi Arron thx so much love your stuff! I listen to everyone of your videos! I love Nex I got in the lottery and hold nex tokens. Your review of NASH exchange ( formerly NEON exchange ) was spot on! It will be huge! I will leave my referral link for anyone wanting to pre- register ! Thx so much for allowing this :

  2. I’ve been posting crypto news on FB for over a year and not a single soul has ever liked or commented on any of my posts until today. I re-posted your link about Google adding the BTC symbol to its keyboards and mobile devices and as such, 3 of my FB contacts are now asking about Bitcoin and how to purchase it. Thank you Altcoin Daily – adoption is slowly happening…

  3. Good video, like i mentioned in my other comment, people will be SHOCKED to see a parabolic massive bull run in crypto just right around the corner, very shortly. They will not expect it and it will be even bigger than the bull run in Dec. 2017.

  4. Bad ass stuff man, I think this next run up will be sooner than expected. Shits getting stupid in equity markets, RSI cant be maintained much longer.

  5. I was just watching CryptoBitcoinChris on his new channel, CryptoRevolution. This channel and his channel are my favorites. Great content! Thanks.

  6. Sounds to me that the SEC is unhappy with world markets finding their own prices for BTC (i.e. price discovery) calling it manipulation.
    They therefore want the NASDAQ to be the sole price discovery mechanism (so that it is easy for them (TPTB) to manipulate).
    Projection i think.

  7. If i may add. Wall St. Derivative markets in BTC is a very very bad for Grandpa. Look at Precious metals prices in relation to inflation to see the mass Distortions and Manipulations Wall St. Did.

  8. I'm very Bullish on @nash $NEX exchange. A true decentralised exchange not like binances so called DEX. If you stake you can earn up to 75% of the trading fees. It will have greater speed than binances CEX without the risk of handing over your cryptos. It will be a centralised exchange killer…. seriously why would anyone use a CEX again?

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