Bitcoin Is On Track To Hit $100,000 By 2022! Do You Own Enough Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin LIKELY To Be The Best Performing Asset IN THE WORLD Over Next 24 Months [Cryptocurrency News] What is your bitcoin price prediction? Follow us …


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  1. I can't wait for Hyprr, it is going to be great. I have pre-registered to get an early account. And it will mean I will more likely get the account name that I prefer.

  2. I'll say it again HYPRR is going to shake the Social Media space up, BIG time. HYPE Token is going to rocket in value once the platform rolls out and gets a user base, which will not be far away. Can't wait to catch Aaron & Austin over there. Love the concept that you guys will be able to do little snippets and alternative things to interact on a more personal level to the community you have built. Great move guys, the future's looking bright.

  3. Really don't think this HowDoo/Hyprr team knows what they are doing – just signed up, and received an email where it said I could enter their Lamborghini-competition for now…. which drew its winner 1st of January 2020!… Meaning, they haven't edited their "hey great you're on the waiting list"-standard email since last year. :/

  4. Your videos are interesting, but your comments/reply sections are constantly swamped with call center scammers having fake conversations promoting scam traders trying to lure victims … you need to clean this up by reporting them regularly to avoid the ire of YouTube and other platforms.

  5. Where are you helpful people. ? İ really need help. I'm not a crook or a thief. Please help me. Only 0.7 BTC i need. My BTC wallet .
    NO ONE IN EARTHLICE? just got up to need. everyone can give small amounts. Hear my voice

  6. 100,000$ or any other prediction means nothing in $terms… with existing and the coming hyper inflation, 100k is not an exciting nor discouraging prediction… would love to see a video on the protection of our purchasing power by moving to btc… thanks!

  7. You just told your subscribers they can sign up and be on the 1st access list, what about the 70k people from Sep-Dec 2018 who are still waiting for a live platform, seems a bit disingenuous to your followers not to give them the full transparent facts. Best of luck to you all, in the broken field of dreams.

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