Bitcoin is MOVING! Will Bitcoin Price reach $10,000 BTC or $6,000 BTC This Week? [Crypto News]

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  1. With the USDS-B Stablecoin release on Binance. My hunch is we test $6,400 at some point in June or July. I think the sentiment is still bullish long term though. I don't think we see 6k or 10k this month.

  2. No coins are securities it's all a scam and simply America trying to flex its withering muscle in a market it can't control. Keeps people from buying and going all in, this way their buddies can stock up and sell to the people who were too stupid to invest when it was cheap af. Amazes me we're still talking about securities- come on be serious , it's so obvious.

  3. Minor corrections to the 6.5k-7.5k range, none will fall lower than that, then we continue to climb.

    There was a H & S pattern (bearish pattern) on the 4 hour chart a few hours ago, all needed for a healthy market. Let’s see what happens, regardless I’m HODLing and ready to see crypto continue to grow!

  4. the different points where Btc has increased were due to hacks so what is the story ? should we wait to buy Btc until it goes down to 6500? or get some now?

  5. Most important site is
    there you will always find the current price since in is gathered from multiple sources at once.
    I think Bitcoin will drop to 7100 or 6666 $ look on Weekly Chart there is a Hammer candlestick.
    The Rise was to sharp so a pullback must be occur to reach 10000usd

  6. It’s Consolidation in my opinion …just hold through it if your investing in bitcoin buy more !! If your trading it look for you money spot after consolidation and trade Accordingly !! Have no Biased for the long and have no biased for the short peace

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