Bitcoin Investors!! This Affects YOU! | The Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News in the US in 2020

Coinbase, a one of the top bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in the US has just revealed some interesting information! The US crypto exchange wants to sell …


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  2. That J. K. Rowling Tweet was from a imitator, my friend. Notloomdart. Don't know if Brian Armstrong did or didn't realised that, but for the engagement to the tweet it didn't matter?

  3. How the F@#K is BSV still in the top ten (Let alone top 100)??
    Who actually is stupid enough to put their $$ behind such a proven narcissistic sociopath like CW??

  4. I use swanbitcoin, way way cheaper than any other so far. However, you can only buy BTC and works like a 401K savings account. But you can set up automatic withdrawals to your hard wallet. They don't care if you keep your BTC with them or not. You can withdraw at anytime.

  5. I'm honest, I pay my taxes, I don't buy drugs but I want the right to be able to have privacy on anything I buy. I think Coinbase is getting too centralised, too attached to the old firm and you need to stay away from them. All this is going to do is drive people further under ground. All you need to do is convert your BTC to XMR or somehting like that and they can't trace it anyway.

  6. That Coinbase Analytics makes me pretty skeptical regards Coinbase as a whole. I'm using it now but if they are ready to sell those data now, they could be ready to sell other data as well. On the other side it seem inevitable that governments will go after exchanges and try to gain at least some level of control and overview over crypto space. Maybe that's the required step for crypto to go really mainstream. I just wonder and I'm curious what you guys think about it…

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