Bitcoin In Bull Market | Ethereum Flipping Bullish? Big Wins For Crypto Today! Cryptocurrency News

If You’re Not Paying Attention… You Probably Should Be. Many BIG WINS Today. [Daily Crypo News] Bitcoin Is In A Bull Market. Ethereum Looks Like It Might …


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  1. hahahaha Great !! that guy at the end. The World's No.1 Gold Maximalist. Boy-o-boy, that guy thinks he is still in the Middle Ages, walking from town to town with a leather bag of golden coins …. Wake up dude!!

  2. The reason we’re holding LTC is we lost our ass and it’s not worth shit, so hold and pray it becomes the next Doge Coin. The project and its leader are trash, so becoming the next Doge is the only hope.

  3. There is more than one Stock Exchange in the US so it's important to note which exchange Coinbase is going to list on. If they list on the OTC market (like greyscale bitcoin trust for example) they are not required to report earnings. Since they likely are in the category of Tech, they will probably list on NASDAQ where all the tech companies are. Listing fees and regulatory expenses are much higher on NASDAQ and the Dow and Russell 2000 as opposed to the OTC exchange so if Coinbase wants to be a cheapo and hide earnings, they will list on the OTC exchange. And one little detail, it's pronounced "royters" not "rooters" 🙂

  4. Great Video thanks! Have you checked out COTI is a low cap that has Staking with huge rewards, Defi & already business using it if you like money buy COTI this one has massive gains to come & its already started moving. DYOR @t This crypto is super fast at 100TPS & does not need mining so it ticks all the boxes for a valuable future. Get Coti & Hodl it for its 50X to come. Cardano are using Coti for their payments platform! I also have VET & LEND good gains so far. Next massive gainer is COTI

  5. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

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