“Bitcoin Has NEVER Been Stronger In 2020. I’ve Waited 8 Years For This.” – Bitcoin Expert Dan Held

Bitcoin Has Never Been Stronger In 2020! Bitcoin Expert Dan Held Explains. Perfect Video To Share On Social Media. Watch The Full Interview Here …


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  2. I´m amazed that you guys still don´t realize that BTC has been taken over by government and institutions money and that the price is caped like gold and silver. It´s game over.

  3. Moon boys gonna get rekt. Bankruptcies are just getting rolling and……btc follows S&P. Ever heard the words unemployment? Recession?

    Don't listen to btc bag holders use your eyes.

  4. Time to short. Videos like these are shouting "short the shieeet!!". Stock markets will tank hard and bitcoin will go with it… It is sad, but it is what it is, you should mention this too, not just the hype. Hate me badly, but deeply inside you all know that this is what will likely happen. I wish I'd be wrong.

  5. All the shit that ive got from people saying I was a fool to believe in bitcoin. It's going to be so satisfying when this shit takes off and thier fake paper money erodes to nothing.

  6. BTC will go from 900 mined daily today down to less than 1 BTC each day in 2060. Add into this the following We just need to do the math 42,000,000 new unemployment apps in the last 3 month 209 million in the USA are over 18 minus 12 million are over 75 (very unlikely to be part of that work force) so available working population is 200,000,000 and NEWLY unemployed is 21%-now add in the 2/2020 of 3.5% already unemployed and we get 25% of the population unemployed. Total non farm payroll employment rose by 2.5 million in May (that's 10% of the unemployed and a number so high it is in dispute) but week #1 in June new unemployed was 1.5 million so even if we say June and July are a wash that leaves well over 20% of Americans without jobs when the $600/week aid literally drops off the face of the earth. Since USA GDP historically relies 70% on commerce from it's own citizens and since Trump has pressed an isolationist agenda that 70% is likely higher now but even so with USA GDP in the $25 trillion annual and the number that economists always bandy about of a 5X multiplier factor of circulating Dollars having 20% of the populous lose that much discretionary/non discretionary income will absolutely CRIPPLE the USA economy for decades to come. I'm just a lowly GIG worker who delivers meals to Doctors and Nurses in hospitals and groceries to the elderly, Imagine what really smart people know eh?

  7. Any of you into CRO & MCO? I hear alot of great things about CRO in general but never saw it mentionned in either any of altcoin dailys vids or comments? Crypto noob here so pls enlighten me (I got BTC, CRO, ADA in my portfolio atm)

  8. So many people with crystal balls. The real answer is nobody knows. But if the fundamentals have value, it doesn't hurt to put some money in btc over time. I think the fundamentals are strong and getting stronger. If there is a looming worldride recession it may seem likely that bitcoin would go down in the short term – not up despite popular opinion. People need fiat to pay for food rent etc. But that does give an opportunity to accumulate.

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