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  1. i wouldn't trust these banks as far as I could throw them. You didn't listen to them for all the years they were bearish so why listen to them now. They ALWAYS have a plan and agenda behind their announcements. Makes me suspicious actually. We all know the power of bitcoin.

  2. I keep my coins in a wallet. If I want to sell them I need to move them to an exchange. Is this the only way?

    If so, that means in the case that I want to sell I need to move them to the exchange which could mean missing an opportunity.

    I have always been told for security reasons to not keep them on the exchange. But it seems like I would need to keep them on the exchange so I can make the moves I want to make. Can anyone shine some light on my predicament and my possible misunderstandings?

  3. If you only have 0,11 btc and no more money to buy more…. at 318k it should be still pretty good money. Pretty, pretty pretty good ?

  4. Guys I'm new please have mercy with my questions, i only have 400usd in bitcoin, all i have to do is hold until december 2021 and convert to usd before the peak? and the meaning of $318k is the price of one bitcoin in 2021? does that mean i will get around 8k in december 2021?

  5. I dont think Bitcoin can hold over 50k mathematically. 50k even would be a huge success . Why ? Coz of the total Money Circulation of the Planet Earth cant hold the Price over that levels. its all about Mathematics. approximately 2.000.000 bitcoins are daily traded . you can easily find the Volume . 2.000.000 x BTC price = Daily Volume. For example if the price is 18.000 then the daily volume would be around 18.000 x 2.000.000 = usd ( 36 billion ) this volume can hold the price but what about 300 k BTC price ? lets try . 300.000 x 2.000.000 = 600.000.000.000 ( 600 billion dolars daily volume needed ) this means there need buyers to keep the price at that level . so just imagine u own 1 Bitcoin and u wanna sell it and buy a Ferrari . 1 btc = 300.000 right ? lets give a sell order at market price . There must be enough buy orders and buyers to keep the Price at the level. what if you wanna sell 100 btcs ? 30.000.000 dollars buyers needed to prevent the price drop and keep the Price at the Level . So do you think this kind of Money does exist ?

  6. I can see it getting to that value after the 2024 halving but not this one. This halving I can see its value topping between $95,000-$115,000.

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