Bitcoin Dangerously Close To Going Parabolic in 2021 | Europe & Venezuela Get Serious [MUST WATCH]

What is your best bitcoin and cryptocurrency price prediction for 2021? Today we discuss bitcoin price, polkadot cryptocurrency, chainlink, ethereum, & MORE of …


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  1. Realized cap isnt what i look for, simply because there are more BTC available.

    Data Marketplaces are a bad thing. Remember what Facebook did and does.

  2. Great bullish Bitcoin tweet below ?

    No one knows the time or the hour but what's different now is that in 2008 they printed $800 Billion compared to $7 Trillion so far in 2020.

  3. I too wanna say a big thanks to hackermendax _via !nsta I didn’t believe I could celebrate my birthday but God sent them to me which I trade with and I was able to celebrate the birthday all my family are saying big thanks to you sir

  4. dude NOTHING about the Venezuelan news is good, they've made it legal only after the have made it illegal and send people to jail and stolen their equipment.

    This is just another tool they've created to control and steal peoples money and freedom.

  5. If you own bitcoin or not you have to respect it now. It's here and it's here to stay. Crypto will be fully intergrated in the bank system within 5 years. All of this isn't even mainstream media yet. Stablecoins have been accepted and invented by the US and europe are not far behind. The trend is coming and it's blue skies ahead for crypto.

  6. Bullish times indeed and $VELO is really showing this, when will you cover it ? Keen to hear your thoughts, as this is a serious project backed by a conglomerate who owns a lot of businesses.

  7. Life looks pretty good in Venezuela, Syria and Ukraine there's a bunch of youtube clips of people travelling there, I keep hearing how unhappy they are but I don't see it. Could it be fake news?
    Crypto will help everyone … thumbs up

  8. Very helpful information you have coupled up in your video
    Already subscribed to your channel.. most People will misunderstand what you highlighted in your video and equally the advantage they have to learn about cryptocurrency at this early stage
    I count myself lucky to know cryptocurrency at this era and also witness the transformation blockchain is bringing to the world economy and with that effect,if you are not holding as many bitcoin as possible you are simply missing up the long run
    I have been an investor since 2017

  9. I know you love Defi, have you checked out xDai and honeyswap? Extremely low gas fees. 24k supply of HNY and 1k price at the moment. Love your vids mate!!!!

  10. Make yourselves a favor and look into $VELO. Their backing is insane and it's literally the only shitcoin that kept going up post-kucoin hack. Circulating market cap is less than $25M and the founders own pretty much half the Thailand lol.

  11. nformative review, defi segment is really growing fast. But as I see, Anyswap is still under development because there are only standard tokens, not such a big opportunity to swap “any” crypto. Maybe in 2-3 months, it will add new tokens, I will wait. Statistics for this protocol looks nice, with 8M daily volume more enthusiasts will trade there, imo

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